Why should you have a bacteriological incubator in your lab?

bacteriological incubator

One of the best ways to know the level of importance which an object has in anyone’s life can be done as per its usefulness. So, let’s start with it in the best possible way. A bacteriological incubator serves to maintain and develop microbiological cultures or cell cultures. It regulates viable growth factors like temperature, ventilation as well as humidity.  You can get them in different sizes; the size could be as small as a laptop or as big as a room, depending on the requirement of the user. 

Bacteriological incubators have the capability to control highly low temperatures, carbon dioxide and humidity levels.  The incubators are majorly used for the growth, culture and storage of bacterial cultures at temperatures between 5 degrees to 37 degrees Celsius. The incubator used for cell culture is run at a temperature of 37 degree Celsius, simulating the body temperature need. Biology teaches mankind a lot of things and one of them is to carry out research. For instance, lab incubators can be used for cell and tissue culture, medical and hematological studies, food processing, studies of animal, fermentation experiments, biochemical experiments, cell aeration and bacterial culture.

Does it prove to be an everyday in science?

Yes if you are a science student or professional, then you would realize that a common science guy has to deal with something of the above in their daily life. Incubators are also involved in the study of tissue culture which means extraction of the fragments of animal and plant tissue and storing them in a controlled environment with regulated temperature, carbon dioxide, pH and humidity to assess their growth periodically. The explants are studied to allow the researchers to know the function of specific cells and tissue cultures. They help in the detection of different health disorders which occur because of the presence or absence of specific enzymes. 

Thus, if you have to deal with any of these, then you should definitely order a bacteriological incubator. In order to know the size, you should check out the models online. The size is as small as 28l and as big as 340l. Each unit comes decked with a digital temperature controller for great reliability and better accuracy. A motorized blower is decked in for better air circulation in the chamber. The incubators are economical in price and suit every budget. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any maintenance and works wonderful for years without any after sale service requirement.

Some of the features of a bacteriological incubator are given below:

  • It is recommended for 37 degree incubation
  • It comes with long lasting construction and glass wool insulation
  • It has a 7-inch  touch screen display, temperature sensor and program logic control
  • It also comes with LAN connectivity, Ethernet communication and automatic data backup.  
  • It also has password protection, SMS alert, alarm log, audit trail, reliable data management solution.

It is one of the scientific equipments effectively needed and used in labs for several reasons.


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