Driving with kids: What to look for when buying a new family car?

Driving with kids

It can be challenging for everyone to find an ideal family car as higher stacks are at risk. For most adults who don’t have a family, purchasing a new vehicle is always about seeking the brightest and fanciest car in the market, they don’t have to worry much about other things.

However, once you set your foot into family life, things and priorities start to change, and the old sports car that went from 0 to 50 in five seconds exceeds its practicality when you’re required to carry the little ones, their luggage, and items from the grocery store.

Bear in mind that buying a family car calls for many things, and regardless of the model you love, there are some important factors you should ponder on when making this decision.

Determine your budget 

Before you start comparing and delving through multiple car models, it’s absolutely essential to jot your budget, considering your family needs. Ask yourself how much you can actually afford or whether the car you’re planning to buy is really worth its price. When it comes to this type of purchase, patience can be your best friend. Try to be realistic and patient about your current financial status, bearing in mind the value of your current car and sorting out how much you will be willing to spend without straining. 

Of course, no one wants a vehicle they can’t afford because it’s pointless to buy something too expensive where the repayments will pressure the family budget for years to come. Be aware of the long-term costs. Make sure you take enough time to figure out which option will be lucrative between selling or trading-in your current car privately. Additionally, you should also consider the annual cost you’ll be dealing with, such as gas mileage, road tax, let alone the maintenance costs if you choose to buy a used car. 

Check every safety features 

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be buying a vehicle that doesn’t come along with airbags to cover all the rows of your car. Certainly, you can rely on children’s seat fixtures like tether points, but there are a whole bunch of other new elements coming into play that you should consider. For instance, an auto emergency braking can make the car stop itself in case you are about to hit something in front of you or a reverse parking camera that can show the road behind you, which is great for parking. 

Safety and comfort are the key factors you should consider when planning on buying a car for your family. No one ever wants to put in danger the comfort and safety of their loved ones, and therefore, they all wish to look for a car that will be the perfect fit. It might help you know that most experienced buyers look for the car, which comes with excellent crash-test ratings and is well equipped with all the safety features form stability, traction control, side-curtain airbags, you name it. In addition, ensure you look for the ratings given to the car on the basis of the taste categories. 

Size Matters 

The car you are looking for should have ample space to accommodate your family as comfortable as possible. That won’t be much of a problem as many vehicles list the number of persons they are meant to fit. That being said, the vehicles destined for families are slightly bigger. Thus, even though your current vehicle may fit three people at the back, that doesn’t mean it will fit your kid’s seats side-by-side. For instance, Kia Sportage as a family car will do better for those with one or two kids, but if you have more than two kids, a larger SUV or a minivan can be a great choice. 

Your new family car has to be roomy enough to bear occasional tour packs, while even larger kids can have enough space in the back to endure long journeys without feeling too anxious or too bored. 

Practicality is a king 

If you’re about to have family or you already have one, you might want to think in more practical terms. As much as you might not like, it’s time to put practical need over personal desires. However, that doesn’t mean your new family car should not have all the fun stuff. And since you’ll have to spend a lot of time in your new car, it’s a great idea to ensure it’s as practicable and pleasurable as possible. 

For instance, you will need to know the range from satellite radio to ensure all of your future trips will be as fun as possible. Cup holders and cubbies are also a must, as they can hold all the gears your children will need, while the onboard navigation systems can help adults to find their way home without nuisance. 

Technology is everywhere today, and since we can’t leave anywhere without our smartphones, AUX adaptors and USB ports should not be missed from your car. Moreover, essential features such as parking sensors, roof rails, and air conditioning control will come in handy. 


Not all families use cars for the same purpose. So, it might be a great idea to think about this aspect before buying one. Purpose matters when you buy something, so you have to know whether you’re going to use it to take the kids to school, go to the grocery school, or just for the road trips. If you plan on driving at low speed, car dealers advise families to avoid diesel-powered vehicles because they are very costly when you drive at low speed for a long period. Consider modest petrol-powered cars, or if your budget isn’t steady enough, electric vehicles are what you need. 

 Broadly speaking, choosing a new car can be daunting, especially if you are not a car connoisseur. But if you in a hurry, already know your family’s needs and have a steady budget, that doesn’t mean you won’t find something doable in the car market in the shortest time possible. 


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