Nobody expected the world to encounter numerous changes and become a global village if every nation sunk in barbarism. It is education that has enabled us to excel in life, and combating hazardous situations would have been a problem. Without knowledge, it was impossible to come up with innovative ideas and reduce stress on humans. No wonder education is the key to success and the backbone of prosperity. 

Education is essential, but the ideal mentors have a vital role. Without teachers, nobody can learn new ideas, focus on innovations, and work for the betterment of society as a whole. Professions do not make a difference, and teachers are the ones who can guide properly. Teachers play a pivotal role in the life of every person, and there is an increasing demand in the education sector as well. 

Surprisingly, the teachers also pursue a degree program before entering the field. Their studies require majors too, just like other fields, and the majority of students are puzzled in choosing the best education majors. To ease career choices for you, here are seven education majors that get highly paid jobs instantly. If you haven’t made any decision yet, this blog can help you. 


Some people are born with leadership attributes, but academic jobs are attractive to them. For anyone who likes to lead and possesses leadership traits, they can choose a leadership major in education. From bachelor to doctoral programs, candidates with education leadership major are preferred for Chief Academic Officers and similar posts in institutes. The median salary of these professionals is approximately $118,000 annually.  You will get a job instantly, and the responsibilities include planning, controlling, and evaluating the goals and strategies implemented. 


Administration jobs have stepped out of the corporate world and invaded the education sector as well. There is a dire need for administrators to run the educational institutes, and managing the role of admin officers is not everybody’s cup of tea. Being a student of education studies, you can choose majors like education administration to get a job with a handsome salary. Pursuing the major will give you the experience of a manufacturing firm’s admin, and you do not have to spend a lot of time in job hunting. The institutions are searching for candidates like you, and with a degree in education administration, you are all set to get a job that approximately pays 0,000 annually. (wordingvibes.com)  


Do you find yourself attracted to laws, but the education sector is a dream to fulfill? You are lucky that policies are also needed in educational institutes nowadays. Pursuing education law is quite beneficial, as an education policy masters can excel in professional life by adequately implementing the gained knowledge. Your duties will include formulating policies for the institute and ensuring its implementation as well. Working on strategies is one of the chief roles, and the median salary varies between $100,000 and $150,000, which is a pretty good deal. 


Education has numerous options to satisfy every interest. Are you interested in teaching different subjects at school and high school levels? Go for elementary school as your major in a bachelor’s degree. You can instruct your favorite topics and share your knowledge and experience with the younger ones. It is a major with several alternatives, and you can either choose one subject for further studies or more than one – it all depends on your interest. The jobs have a handsome pay with ease in job life too. 


Grooming, emotional intelligence, and values do not come to anyone without guidance. The little ones need due attention from the beginning to result in the most distinctive personalities for society. The highly in-demand skill is early intervention specialists. They assist the young ones from birth to age four and address developmental delays. 


Exceptional children are delicate and fragile, and they need extra care. Special education is another specialization major for education students. The instructors get highly paid jobs, and you get a chance to pursue a noble cause professionally. You can work at a not-for-profit organization or special children school. The role demands patience with emotions for these children. You never know which kind of disturbed child may enter your classroom. Hence, patience and qualifications can make the path easier.  


Art teachers are also in demand, which may be a surprise for a lot of people. Opting art teacher education for your major can assist you with a diversified portfolio. Librarians sometimes have an art background as well. The latest surveys identified 87 percent of the workers with an art teacher education, and their mid-career pay is approximately $45,200 annually. 


Education and educators play the most critical role in everyone’s life. Success and peace in the future seem challenging without mentors. The demand for teachers is increasing, and as the world moves forward, the requirements for hiring them is rising as well. The field of education offers a wide array of opportunities to the students; therefore, you can choose the ideal sector as your expertise. From the chief of administration to librarians, every industry demands highly qualified professionals now, which means you have numerous alternatives. Before making any decision for education majors, make sure you have researched and evaluated all the possible options. 


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