If you ever think of an amazing place for camping, then Virginia offers you nothing but the best. As the old saying goes, “Virginia is for lovers of camping.” Having a total of 38 parks, this state in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States is voted the best throughout the country. The commonwealth offers the best RV camping destinations with several attractions and events. Depending on how long you will be camping with your loved ones, family members, or friends, you may need the services of a Virginia RV Rental. Campings are best enjoyed when you have an RV.

What Is An RV?

An RV, also an acronym for Recreational Vehicle, is a trailer or vehicle that is furnished with living quarters created for accommodation. RVs have gained popularity over the years as a way to travel in comfort and style, especially for campers and mobile homeowners. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and features. These vehicles can range from minivans of nine feet to Rigs of 40 feet or more. RVs are also available in classes. The most favored RV class by campers is the self-contained Class A.

What makes this class special? When you think of Class A RVs, style and comfort comes to mind. You have all the features a home provides in this vehicle class with a considerable amount of space. They are ideal for any condition and journey, be it a long vacation or a weekend trip.

What Is A Class A RV?

You may or may not have heard of the Class A RV. This is understandable, especially if you are a first-time camper. RVs in this class are motorized, which means you can drive them, rather than tow them with your vehicle. Most campers do not like the idea of attaching RVs to their vehicles, creating a fifth wheel. Class A RVs can range from 25 feet to a staggering 45 feet! What features should I expect in this vehicle? You can enjoy the same benefits you get from your home, including an onboard kitchen, bathroom, and a bathroom or two.

How Many People Can I Take Along In A Class A RV?

The number of occupants a Class A RV can take depends on its size. These motor vehicles can house between two to ten campers. You can find a bedroom with a king or queen size bed at the back of the vehicle. Some of them also have bunks to take in more occupants conveniently. Many RVs of this class have living areas with convertible dinettes where campers can enjoy their meals. High-end trailers come with an additional bedroom, more sleeping areas, convertible sofas, and many more cool features.

Some RVs are designed in such a way that pieces of furniture are stored within the framework of the vehicle. For example, you can pull the bed from the ceiling of your RV. With such features, you can enjoy more space. When hiring a Class A RV, see here – RV Rental Virginia

Best RV Resorts In Virginia?

Looking for the top RV resorts in Virginia to be with your family or friends, we got you covered. Here are some of the places we have listed to give you the best camping experience.

1. Misty Mountain Camp Resort

The Misty Mountain camp resort is located in Greenwood, Virginia. The resort spans 50 acres and is situated at the foot of Walton’s Mountain – Yes! The notable mountain from the famous TV series, The Waltons. Its neighbouring areas include Monticello, Charlottesville, and the Blue Ridge parkway. The Misty Mountain is one of the best places to camp with your Class A RV. Explore local, family-owned, vineyards, and breweries.

The resort also provides amenities for campers, including a swimming pool and exciting playgrounds for your spouses, kids, and friends. Over there, the year is filled with lots of exciting and much anticipated events like the Summer Luau, Fall Harvest, Halloween, and a Bluegrass festival, not leaving behind fun-filled activities like live concerts, hayrides, and dances. There is never a boring moment in this resort as campers get to enjoy hiking, fishing, horseback riding, among others.

2. David Lakes RV Resort, Suffolk, Virginia

If you are searching for an ideal resort in Suffolk to go swimming, fishing, boating, and sunbathing, Davis Lakes RV resort. Interestingly, this resort is home to three lakes (including one with a large sandy beach) and a water park. Whether you have a big rig or a minivan, there are full hook-ups to keep it in place, while you and your family enjoy large-scale, striking concerts, water park games, and other momentous, exciting activities. You can bring along your well-bred pets, but bear in mind that there are pet rules to stick to at the resort.

3. Endless Caverns Recreation Destination, New Market, Virginia

Endless Caverns offers a unique experience for campers. Discovered in 1879, the 256-acre open, woody area has myriads of back-in and pull-through sites, each of them having full hook-ups. Spend time with your friends and loved ones gaming, swimming, biking, and hiking; this recreation destination has you covered. You can enjoy sightseeing as there are several breath-taking rock formations embedded in various chambers.

4. Anvil Campground, Williamsburg, Virginia

The Anvil Campground has been in operation since 1954, making it the oldest, continually operating campground in Virginia and the 5th oldest in the US. Regardless of its long-term existence, it is fully equipped with ultra-modern amenities. This campground is just home away from home as you have access to cable TV, electricity, clean water, and sewer. It also houses a swimming pool, zip line, sandy beach, a rock wall, and many other features your family would love.

Well-behaved pets are allowed on this property. There is a large dog park where your dog can play around. Other features include a gazebo, charcoal grills, and picnic tables for snacking. You can as well check out local attractions with their affordable shuttle service, including places like the Williamsburg Pottery Factory, Jamestown,Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, even all the way to Virginia Beach oceanfront.


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