How To Choose The Right Architrave For Your Home?

for home

Are you looking for an affordable way to upgrade your interior home décor? Besides skirting boards, architraves have become increasingly popular ornamental elements, referring to the interior molding that surrounds doors. 

There is an extensive variety of such decorative elements, coming in different sizes, thickness, materials, designs, and prices. Nevertheless, architraves are believed to fit any type of home décor and budget, providing exceptional functionality and value for money. 

When aiming to upgrade the look of your home, it’s important to select interior moldings with the right proportions, design, and durability. 

The following tips will help you make the best choice.

Consider its size and thickness

The primary factor to consider when choosing the right architrave is its width, which has to be adapted to the proximity of the doorframe to the wall. In case you decide to keep some of the old architraves when renovating the house, make sure you choose new models with an identical width as the old ones. Anyhow, in the case of removing all of the previous models, you are supposed to measure the space between the doorframes and walls in order to purchase new models with a matching width. 

After selecting the right width, the following step would be choosing the appropriate thickness. It’s paramount to purchase moldings with a matching thickness to one of your skirting boards. If you can’t find models with identical thickness, you are allowed to purchase ones with a slightly larger thickness. 

Moreover, the length is another important consideration when purchasing architraves, which mainly depends on whether you’ll be purchasing a single set or a double one. The former comprises two legs and one head, appropriate for single, standard doorframes. Conversely, the latter is also comprised of two legs but it contains a larger head that encases two doors. The ultimate choice would depend on the proportions of the doorframes in your home. Click here to check out some useful tips about measuring the size of a door. 

Consider the people living with you

Prior to purchasing an architrave, it’s vital to consider the number of people and pets dwelling in the house. The age of family members is a particularly significant factor, as children are known for causing extreme damage to such household decorative elements. They are the experts at leaving scuff marks, which are incredibly difficult to remove. Pets, on the other hand, have the habit of scratching such surfaces, thus ruining their sophisticated design.

Therefore, when sharing your home with a bunch of children or pets, make sure you look for some of the more affordable models in the market. There is no point in investing in top-notch architraves only to have these elements ruined after a few months. Additionally, homeowners whose house doesn’t include kids and pets are advised to invest in costlier models, as these variants are considerably long-lasting in comparison with the low-cost ones.

Consider its design

Design is another unbelievably important factor to take into account when purchasing an architrave, as this element is supposed to match the interior décor of your house. Fortunately, there is a plethora of designs in the market, such as colonial, bullnose, pencil round, half-splayed, and square-edged models. Owners of modern homes would find the pencil round and bullnose designs as the perfect choice. 

In terms of color, moldings can be painted in any tone that suits your home décor. You could either match their color with the paint of the walls or select a tone that differs from the overall room color. Bear in mind that the material of the architraves plays a major role in the vividness of the color. 

Consider its material

Price is a deciding factor when purchasing a modern architrave, considering the extensive price range of such household products in the market. The cost of these decorative elements is determined by multiple factors, such as their material, durability, design, and maintenance. Although these products aren’t notoriously expensive, make sure you compare prices prior to making a purchase.

Wrap up

Making alterations to your home décor doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget. 

Architraves provide both elegance and affordability.

What more can homeowners wish for? 


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