CBD Oil and Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

can cbd oil help with weight loss

Are you planning to lose weight? Are you searching for solutions to help burn those fats faster? Are you wondering if taking cannabidiol or CBD oil can help?

A recent study revealed that 14% of Americans claim to use CBD products. The majority of respondents say they use CBD to help relieve pain. Others use them to manage their anxiety and insomnia.

However, some people use CBD, particularly CBD oil in the hopes of losing weight faster. But can CBD oil help with weight loss?

Continue reading below as we tackle the CBD oil and weight loss, and the relationship between the two.

The Effects on Your Metabolism

CBD is a popular compound you will find from the cannabis plant. Though studies concerning CBD continue, many already attest to its potency and potential benefits. And one of the most popular benefits of CBD involves weight loss.

But can CBD oil help with weight loss? To answer this, let us start with how CBD oil affects your metabolism. Some studies noted that CBD can boost the body’s metabolism.

CBD interacts with CB2 receptors. These receptors are essential in people’s metabolism. However, CBD does not directly activate these receptors.

Instead, it influences the body’s natural cannabinoids. In turn, the cannabinoids will be the ones to activate or block the receptors.

Appetite Suppressant

Apart from influencing your metabolism, CBD oil may also suppress your appetite. It is a common notion that cannabis stimulates appetite. This is true, as those who smoke cannabis become hungrier than they normally would.

This is primarily because of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that comes with cannabis. However, CBD does the opposite. As we mentioned earlier, CBD influences other molecules to block receptors like CB1.

When this happens, you will feel full, leading to a reduction in your appetite. Additionally, a 2012 study noted that rats experienced reduced appetite after CBD exposure.

The less appetite you have, the better your chances of avoiding fats that lead to obesity.

“Browning” the Fat Cells

Speaking of fat cells, CBD may also help “brown” your fat cells. There are two types of fats in your body, namely, white fats and brown fats. White fat is the most common type of fat.

It is also the type that stores and supplies energy for your body. Moreover, they help cushion and insulate different organs.

However, this is also the kind of fats that contribute to developing chronic illnesses. Examples of which include heart disease and diabetes. Too much white fats in the body increase the risk of developing such illnesses.

On the flip side, brown fat is the kind of fat that generates heat. This is the kind of heat that helps burn calories in your body. People who are slim or within the healthy weight range have more brown fats compared to obese people.

Thankfully, there are ways to convert your white fats into brown ones. You can do so by getting enough sleep and exercising regularly, among others. Also, using CBD oil may help turn the white fats into brown ones.

Though experts are still conducting more human testing, test-tube studies already yielded promising results. White fat cells turned to brown after making contact with CBD.

Fight Off Metabolic Disorders

People who are obese are also at risk of developing metabolic disorders. Recent research linked obesity to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, studies noted that it is the over-activation of the CB receptors in the white fats that increase these risk factors.

Since CBD oil may block these receptors, they can also contribute to lowering the possibility of developing these metabolic disorders.

Interestingly, CBD reduced 25% of cholesterol levels of obese test rats.

Normalizing Your Insulin

Another important aspect we need to touch on is the effects of CBD on people’s insulin levels. Medical experts say that CBD contributes to normalizing insulin levels. This, in turn, helps promote fat burning.

The important formula that you need to understand is this: whatever the amount of energy you take in, you should also take out of your body. However, people struggling with obesity are unable to follow this.

They take in a lot of energy through the food they eat. But with a sedentary lifestyle, they don’t take enough energy out. When this happens, the fats and sugar in the bloodstream build up.

But where does insulin come in? This hormone works by bringing sugar into your cells. In turn, your cells convert sugar into energy. Too much sugar increases your body’s insulin production.

And even if you switch to a healthy diet, your insulin levels may remain high. The problem with this is that when insulin levels are high, the body will have a hard time burning fat.

But taking CBD oil may help reduce fasting insulin. However, the key is to stick to high-quality, full-spectrum CBD extracts.

The Value of Full-Spectrum Extracts

The cannabis plant contains over 200 different chemicals. Each one of them plays an important role.

Although CBD is the most potent in terms of the number of benefits, you can further augment its effects if the other chemicals are present. Thus, it is best to go for the full-spectrum ones.

An example of a chemical that works well with CBD is the terpenes of the cannabis plant. Terpenes help the intestinal tract absorb CBD oil faster. They also aid CBD pass through the blood-brain barrier.

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Can CBD Oil Help with Weight Loss? The Evidence Suggests It Can!

Can CBD oil help with weight loss? Yes, it has the potential to aid you in burning those excess fats. But to maximize the benefits of CBD oil, you need to be smart in your choices.

You need to buy from the best sources. You also need to use the right dosage to get the best results possible. Hence, we invite you to increase your knowledge of CBD products.

Check out our other articles on CBD. We discuss important topics and provide tips that will help you understand CBD products better.


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