3 unconventional degrees that pay the most


A College degree is important to find a decent job. The majority of job places require at least some kind of degree for someone who wants to start working. 

However, not all people follow conventional professions such as banking, IT, programming, accounting. There are so many opportunities in the world with numerous variations that actually it is hard to think about each of them. Relatively less known degrees exist as well, and in this article, we will talk about 3 unconventional degrees that have a good income.

Casino management degree

Some of you might not have heard about this degree, but yes – it exists and is not very popular in the world. Casino management allows students to get to the depth of casino operation, functions of casinos and provide students with more knowledge about the insights of famous gambling industries. 

After getting the degree and proper expertise in this field, a lot of casino companies are looking for a good manager, and the amount of salary is high as well. To clearly explain the duty of a casino manager, we will provide a little example. Everyone has played roulette in their life at least once. When you play online roulette in casinos most of the time, you will pay attention to the fact of how things are polished. Everything is managed greatly, and managers play an important role to showcase everything to the maximum.

Biomimicry degree

Arizona State University gives out the Biomimicry Graduate Certificate. Most of us perceive science as something that not only has nothing to do with nature but also harms it. However, many of the most brilliant discoveries could not have been realized without the help of nature, whose experience in the field of scientific and technical discoveries is millions of times greater than humans.

Biomimicry, the field of engineering in which we draw inspiration from the environment, has been part of science for millennia.

Even though the term is well known and studied from all sides, now, when scientists are trying to make the planet more suitable for life, they paid special attention to it.

For millions of years, living organisms have developed mechanisms to survive that help them withstand environmental challenges. These mechanisms have also become a source of inspiration for technological discoveries – such as, for example, Velcro fasteners – the alpine thistle, or reflective surfaces used in automobiles, which cat eyes made scientists, created its prototype.

Paradoxically, Biomimicry can help save and improve nature. “The era of Biomimicry, in contrast to the industrial revolution, is not based on the consumption of natural resources, but on adopting the experience of nature.

Our ancestors realized that Biomimicry is an excellent way to solve many problems. And we should emphasize that not a lot of people are involved in this profession; thus, it is a very profitable job opportunity. If you have an interest in Biomimicry you will surely find a job that has a high salary, and the demand for it is always huge.

Digital mapping degree

As technologies evolved around the world, step by step everything becomes mechanical. The University of Kentucky is one of the rarest universities that give out MS in Digital Mapping. 

It should be noted that digital mapping in genetic terms is not a direct continuation of traditional mapping. It developed in the course of the general development of GIS software and therefore is often regarded as a secondary GIS component, which, unlike GIS software, does not require a lot of investment. 

Cartographers note that actually digital cartography is underestimated. And we have a known fact that not a lot of people decide to study it, even though it is very lucrative. 

To create a digital map, you only need a personal computer, external devices, software. In other words, any person with proper knowledge in digital mapping gets the opportunity to create maps and get well-paid for them. 

Considering the fact that there is a shortage of experts in the Digital Mapping, the quality of design also suffers: often cards printed out resemble a certain drawing with a set of colour spots, but not a map. Almost every company looks for a specialist in Digital Mapping and is willing to pay a lot, but unfortunately, not everyone wants to study it.


The amount for unconventional degrees and unusual professions vary. There are so many of them that most of us have never heard about them. What’s more, universities are willing to give out degrees that will help students find appropriate jobs. 

In general, it does not matter whether the job is unorthodox or not – everything relies on a person’s wish to pursue a career he or she likes the most. Not everyone is cut out for a job like banking, programming, graphic design. In essence, every job is interesting as soon as a person is interested in it.



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