7 Must-Have Decor Pieces for Dog Lovers


Being a dog lover is more than a passion – it’s a lifestyle! Dogs are creatures that love unconditionally and touch our lives through an unspoken bond that transcends words. 

The latest decor trends are all about adding personality and unique pieces to make a house a home. Add some of these must-have decor pieces for dog lovers to your list this year.

A Dog Statue

A dog statue sets the stage for your home. It tells people who are coming to visit exactly what to expect when they step through the door: dog hair, pats, and the opportunity for friendship. 

This modern take on a vintage classic allows you to customize your statue to pay homage to your beloved pet. Have a statue created in the likeness of the dog you own now or one that touched your life as a child. Opt for a more realistic piece by adding color or stay rustic with an unfinished patina. 

A Bone-Shaped Toy Box

If you love to spoil your dog, you’ll need a toy box to store their things out of the way. Use this opportunity to showcase your love for your dog by opting for a bone-shaped toy box.

There are a few options for procuring one of these whimsical toy storage systems. You can purchase a bone-shaped wicker basket or plastic storage bin. Alternatively, you can take a DIY approach and make a simple bone-shaped toy bin out of wood. With the latter approach, you can paint it to suit your decor and customize it with your pet’s name!

A Custom Leash Hanger

Adhering a key hanger next to your doorway is a fantastic way to ensure you have everything you need before leaving the house. The same theory applies to a custom leash hanger.

Get a customized key hanger that has everyone’s name, including your dog’s. Use this safe spot to hang the leash so that it’s easier to get out for a walk with your best pal. You can also invest in a fun dog tail leash hanger to fit the theme. 

A Pet Portrait

Having a pet portrait commissioned is the best way to immortalize your pet. Capture their likeness to create a cherished memento that you can reflect on in the years to come. Keep it simple with a digital print of your family or go bold with a painted portrait of your dog in all his glory.

If paintings and drawings aren’t to your taste, work with a pet photographer to have a photoshoot done. Print these images to create a stunning wall display of your canine companion.

An End Table Dog Bed

An end table dog bed is the perfect piece of furniture for small dog owners. These pieces are fashionable and functional, doubling as a flat surface for beverages and decor, as well as a comfortable hide-out for your dog. Rather than buying new, consider buying a bulky end table from a thrift shop and refinishing it to fit your tastes.

You can also get end table dog crates, which is a gorgeous way to cover what’s typically an eyesore. 

A Dog Definition Print

Dog definition prints are a simplistic, minimalist style piece of art. This versatile piece will work with any style decor, acting as an eye-catching centerpiece or a subtle accent.

A dog definition print talks about the traits associated with your breed, capturing their best qualities. You can procure a digital file that looks like a classic typewriter on a plain white background or shake it up with some creative typography

A Cone Lamp

Finally, for those who have a sense of humor about their high-needs dog, a cone lamp is the perfect decoration. This whimsical piece is shaped like the body of a dog with the lampshade flipped upside down at the neck area, reminiscent of a dog cone. 

These tasteful-yet-fun decor pieces are a perfect way for dog lovers to showcase their appreciation for man’s best friend.


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