Why You Should Do Basement Waterproofing Before Summer Season Begins

Waterproofing Before Summer

Every home with a basement requires proper waterproofing. Waterproofing is important because of its ability to ensure that no water seepage or leakage occurs in the basement and the structure’s foundation. 

However, it is often difficult to choose the perfect time to get your basement’s waterproofing done. Many homeowners try to decide on when their waterproofing work, but they often hit crossroads. They are typically torn between opting for summer, fall, spring, or winter repairs. (augustafreepress.com) The clear answer is the summer. 

Here are the reasons why you should do basement waterproofing before summer begins:

1. Availability of Waterproofing Experts

Waterproofing companies, like Oriole basement waterproofing, have higher demand during the rainy season. Thus, there’s a high likelihood that waterproofing experts would not be available to carry out your waterproofing work until much later than you need them.

If the basement needs urgent attention, then homeowners would naturally get concerned. Hence, homeowners can be better prepared for the rainy season by waterproofing their basements in the summer.

2. Favorable Weather Conditions

Summer weather conditions are considered ideal for waterproofing work in basements since it’s marked with warm and dry conditions. This is opposed to either the cold winter or the rainy fall; the conditions during either of these seasons are highly unfavorable to waterproofing works. 

It is highly difficult to dig up the ground during winter, and there is the attendant risk of frost damage. Rain or the presence of moisture would most likely frustrate waterproofing efforts. Both winter and rain can result in excavation cave-ins. The subsoil during the summer is often reasonably stable, which prevents cave-ins.

Favorable conditions of the summer weather allow work to be done faster. For instance, there will be no hard ground or messy, wet environments to struggle with. 

This can help waterproofing to attend to the job they have come for as quickly as possible. All activities, including repairs and renovations, are possible with the favorable conditions of the weather.

3. Low Groundwater Levels and Water Infiltration

Water rising along the walls of a building is the result of groundwater. The groundwater rises considerably along basement walls via capillarity. Since there’s little chance of raining during the summer, groundwater is always drastically low. 

If you decide to waterproof during the summer, it would be there long enough to be a permanent membrane before the water levels start rising again during rainy seasons.

4. Faster Drying for Waterproofing

Several membranes are added to waterproof the walls of a basement. There is often a damp treatment, either plaster or painting. These layers usually take up weeks to dry up simultaneously, requiring workers to wait for each coat to dry before the next application. However, the amount of time waiting would be considerably lower during summer the time. 

Also, water reduces the effectiveness of waterproof applications. Therefore, the presence of moisture during the rainy season is bound to compromise the entire waterproofing project. The dry and warm weather during the summer is an excellent aid to have when waterproofing your basement. It also makes for the reduced cost of the project.

5. Cheaper Labour Costs

There is a time concern for waterproofing experts in unfavorable weather. This is because it takes a lot longer than expected in most cases. The time taken for the waterproofing to dry enough for another application is often billable. Hence, shorter work time translates to lower labor costs. This should be enough reason to carry out waterproofing in the summer’s dry and warm weather.

6. Assurance While Catching Fun

The summer months are for vacations and fun. However, a memorable unwinding experience can be threatened by a wet and compromised basement. This is due to the prior subjection of the basement to harsh weather conditions during fall and winter.

To forestall any mishaps during your summertime, get some renovations done in the basement of your home. Foreseeable loud music and a spike in house population should be enough reasons to get your foundation waterproofed. The basement is a part of the foundation that needs to be addressed appropriately.


Summer is the best time to carry out basement waterproofing. Scheduling your basement’s waterproofing to a wrong time will likely mar the entire project.

The availability of waterproofing experts is better guaranteed during the summer, too. Favorable weather conditions mark the summer and groundwater is the lowest during the summer. Lastly, the warm weather helps the waterproof membranes to dry faster, which accounts for lower costs.

Work can be done much faster by waterproofing experts during the summer. Summertime lovers are better reassured of the state of their foundation when they choose waterproof during the summer.


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