How to Make Resin Jewelry

Resin Jewelry

rWithout jewelry, fashion is incomplete. What to go for can be confusing because of the constant need to be trendy. Avoid being pseudo chic with epoxy jewelry by following these instructions, which can result in stunning and gorgeous results. Making resin jewelry is super easy and will keep you away from anything obsolete.

Though working with resin is not easy, with a little practice, anybody can ace it. Make a few batches, and you will surely know with the possibilities of making jewelry from resin with minimal materials and supplies.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before starting to work with resin. We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you to make sure you are completely prepared and that your resin jewelry comes out fabulous. If you would like to find out more about making resin jewelry on your own, then the in-depth guide will be interesting for you.

  1. Make sure everything is covered

First of all, choosing an area which is ventilated and clean is essential. Resin can be messy.   Make sure that your space is covered with some material to counter resin drips. You should also wear gloves, preferably made of latex. Also, protect your eyes and use a respirator to safeguard you from various toxic fumes.

  1. Prepare items which will be used other than the resin

Make your design and finalize what you are going to be using with it. Prepare the materials which are going to be used accordingly. Get an idea of how they can be used with resin. This will be important to make sure you have prepared them against fading and other possible effects.

  1. Base to shape the resin jewelry

The best way to make your resin jewelry is to get empty bezels. If you can’t find bezels or don’t wish to use them, then you can also get molds that are specifically made for epoxy jewelry. If you want to pursue it professionally, this will be a better idea.

If you are using molds, it is important to make sure that they are completely clean and get mold release to spray onto it and let it dry. This will let the resin piece pop out easily. Do not follow this instruction in the case of bezels.

If you wish for more creativity, you can even make your molds with Oomoo, which is a silicon rubber compound extremely easy to work with. It is also cost-effective. This can make you customize your epoxy jewelry much better.

  1. Using paper images

If you are using images to adorn your jewelry, then get them printed on paper or transparent sheets. These can be later cut into the shape of the bezel or as required according to your design. Following this, just press the paper to the bottom with firmness and make sure it is leveled.

If you are planning to do this, cover the paper with Mod Podge on both sides so that the paper does not lose color after using it with resin. Make sure before you start it to make jewelry, it is completely dried.

  1. Prepare the resin along with the catalyst

According to the material, prepare half and half of the catalyst and the resin. For instance, if you are making an ounce of the mixture, then add half an ounce of the resin and another half of the catalyst in the same cup. Make sure that the measures are accurate.

It is suggested that you mix them in the same cup of one ounce for this reason. First, fill it with half of the resin, and after making sure it is level add the other half of the catalyst. If done in separate cups, then material sticking to them can make it problematic, altering the material’s quantity.

Apart from this, color can also be added, but it highly depends on the brand of resin you choose. Read the instructions given with it carefully to know how to make jewelry from resin perfectly by adding color at the right time.

Slowly mix this combination with a wooden stick of the appropriate size until it visibly comes together at all ends. Rushing can lead to air bubbles that can wreck your resin jewelry idea unless and until you are going for the effect of air bubbles for your epoxy jewelry.

While mixing makes sure the edges and the bottom are thoroughly contacted and involved.

  1. Pour it!

Add this mixture to the molds or bezels to create your jewelry.

  1. Add the oomph and trend with treasures.

Making this epoxy jewelry after this is completely dependent on your design. Before you wait for the resin to cure, you can add the materials which can float like glitter or images printed on transparencies.

For the transparency sheet, hold it with a pair of tweezers and then dip it in the leftover resin the cup. Quickly pass a heat gun to avoid air bubbles and then place it in the mold or the bezel. At this stage, what side it is facing is essential to know. If it is a bezel, it should face up. In the case of mold, it should face down.

You can also go for a 3D addition while using your mold. But for this, you need to make sure it happens in layers by pouring the first layer of resin and then letting it harden and subsequently arranging the element on the first layer. Then pour more resin to ensure your item is covered. Use a heat gun to avoid any kinds of air bubbles after the second layer is poured.

  1. Let it harden!

Now find a clean sanitized box that has no dust particles sticking with it so that they do not stick to the uncured resin. Cover the jewelry from the resin using it and let it cure. Mostly, the pieces will be ready in 24 hours but to make sure go through the manual provided with the epoxy resin as sometimes it might also take days to dry.

Voila! You just completed your first epoxy resin jewelry with us!


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