5 Reasons Why You Should Still Print Photos

photo print

We are living in a digital era where social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been the preferred methods of most people for keeping their photos. While we do not see anything wrong with that, it is also a good idea to still have your photos printed through photo printing. Need compelling reasons to do so? Read on and we’ll talk about why you should still be printing photos.

There is a Threat of Digital Data Loss

Digital data loss can make you lose your precious photographs. Your hard drives can fail over time, and this means that you may no longer be able to access the pictures stored in the device. Your smartphones can also crash, and the photos can be permanently deleted. By having the photos printed, you are doing something to still have a copy of the photo. Although, take note that even physical copies are not safe. You can lose them from fire or flood, among others. The best practice is to keep both physical and digital copies of your favorite pictures. 

You Can Use it as Décor 

There are endless ways to use photos as décor. For instance, canvas prints will make a great way to add life to boring walls. It can be the focal point in any room and can make any space look better. You can also print photos and use them to build a gallery wall at home, which can also be a conversation starter when you have guests coming over. 

It Can Tell a Story 

With pictures, you can create a photo essay. This is a narrative that is told through a series of pictures. The best way to do this is to collate photos in an album. If it is from a specific event, such as a wedding, arrange the photos chronologically so that it can tell a coherent story. You can also add printed captions to the photos. 

Make Memories More Special 

There is something more special in photo printing compared to having photos in digital formats. Especially if you are a photographer, seeing your shots in print can bring a different kind of satisfaction. A printed photo can become a tangible memory. 

Oldies Love Them 

Another good reason to consider printing photos is that oldies love prints! While most of the young people would prefer digital copies, most of the oldies would want to be more traditional, and hence, they want real photos in print! They want something that they can touch and see from a photo paper and not from a digital screen. Make them happy by having special photos printed! 

With all the things mentioned above, it is apparent that print is far from being dead. If you have photos that you love, consider having them printed. Keep these pictures in an album or frame them if they are worth displaying. Printing can transform photos into special memories.


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