Coronavirus Myths and Misconceptions vs Actual Facts

coronavirus myths

COVID-19 or Coronavirus has already been declared as a Global Pandemic. Besides, the WHO has issued an official statement regarding the same already. Unfortunately, thousands of people are under the effect of this virus, and we are all facing very difficult times. The government of every country is constantly trying to find a way out of this situation. Several organizations are working relentlessly to come with a vaccine that can treat the symptoms of coronavirus. Amidst all the discussion about preventive measures, there are several coronavirus myths and misconceptions that have become popular over the last couple of months. As you read further, you will be able to differentiate between a fact and myth easily.

Till now, the only remedy that has come to us is social distancing because if the spreading chain breaks, there might be some ray of hope. So, the Government and experts are telling everyone to stay at home as much as they can. The first thing that you should remember is that there is no point in being afraid of the virus. You should just keep your calm, and not pay attention to any kind of rumors that you hear about the disease. The problem is that people panic when they start believing the misconceptions. Hopefully, you will be more relaxed and comfortable by the end of this article.

Coronavirus myths and misconceptions busted

Here are some coronavirus myths and misconceptions that are spreading like wildfire now. The situation is already tough, and rumors like this can only make it worse for all of us. So, it is important that we only get to know the facts.

Nothing but a flu

Both flu and coronavirus indeed come with similar signs and symptoms but they are not the same. For example, runny nose, sore throat, and dry cough are some of the symptoms that you may experience even if you are suffering from the common flu. However, coronavirus is far more dangerous and that is evident from the high mortality rate. Besides, coronavirus comes with a few more critical symptoms such as breathing issues that can later turn into as dangerous as pneumonia. Moreover, the pace in which coronavirus spreads is often more than that in case of the common flu.

Pets can be carriers too

To date, there is no particular scientific proof that pets, such as dogs and cats can be carriers. Besides, we do not even know whether the disease can anyway affect them. Moreover, there is a constant study that is going on to find out whether it is a myth or a fact. There was news during the beginning of this year about a dog getting infected. There too, the dog was not the carrier. Instead, it got affected because the owner was a corona positive. However, when further tests were done, it was found out that the dog did not have any typical coronavirus symptoms. The real fact is that COVID-19 is a human-to-human transmitted disease only.

There were never signs of coronavirus before

One of the most common coronavirus myths and misconceptions is that it is a completely new virus. Well, the fact is that the coronavirus belongs to a big family of harmful microorganisms that are not new to the world. Back in 2002, the SARS virus started affecting people and the fact is that the SARS virus belongs to the coronavirus family too. The only major point of difference between the SARS and coronavirus is that the mortality rate in the case of the latter is much more. If you read more about the SARS virus, you will get to know that it was also a disease that was spreading from one human being to the other and did not affect animals much. Also, the COVID-19 is much more dangerous than the SARS because it is now a global pandemic. However, the SARS only spread in few countries leaving a lot of others free of the virus.

COVID-19 patients will die

Well, this is the stupidest myth ever and is unnecessarily increasing the panic rate around. the mortality rate or the risks of the COVID-19 is surely higher than the common flu. However, it is not at all true that anybody who gets infected with the virus will succumb to its symptoms. Moreover, thousands of people have recovered from the effects of the coronavirus from all over the world. You can read about their recovery stories on the internet for a better understanding. The most important thing is to keep your immunity strong enough to fight any symptoms of the coronavirus. As you can see the patients who have recovered are fine mainly because their immune systems were strong and could fight the disease well.

Only older adults are at risk

Well, this is not exactly a myth but is not the truth as well. The fact is that the coronavirus does not see the age limit of a person. However, people who are above the age of sixty do not have a strong immune system to fight the symptoms. But the same can happen with a young person as well if he is not strong enough. So, the main point of concern is not the age but the immunity of a person as you can see the previous point as well. In this context, it is important to know that certain immunity-boosting foods can help you keep all the risky symptoms at bay.

You should spray alcohol on your body

Another weird myth is that spraying alcohol all over your body can help in killing coronavirus. Please make sure that you do not follow this particular rumor because it can be rather harmful. Firstly, the topical application of alcohol does not help the virus that has already inside the body. Moreover, you spray alcohol into your eyes or gentle parts by any chance, it can be very risky.

Final thoughts

Preventive measures are extremely important during the dangerous situation that we are living in right now. However, it is always better to follow facts than to be blinded by myths.


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