6 Reasons you Should Invest in Aluminium Windows and Doors

Invest in Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows and doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern buildings in both residential and business areas. If you want to improve the level of security, insulation or aesthetics in your building or home, aluminium is the right choice. Today’s aluminium windows and doors have come a long way from the older styles of the ’70s and ‘80s. New technologies mean that they are light, yet strong, durable and easy to care for, and offer an elegant, streamlined look, making them ideal for contemporary design. In this article, we share the advantages of invest in aluminium windows and doors.

Narrow Frame and Maximum Glass 

Due to the strength of aluminium, less material is needed in the frame to attach the glass. As a result, narrower frame profiles are possible for projects with thinner lines, which provides a more generally pleasing aesthetic. Its strength also allows for the creation of much larger windows and doors, maximising the glass surface to provide the best possible view outside and blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.


Such elegant designs provide a discreet frame for the external view and ensure that the views play a major role. Homeowners can get windows and doors that include hanging horizontal sliding windows and hanging windows, sliding and folding doors, as well as a number of complementary sidelights for optimal design diversity. Currently, aluminium doors offer elegant, streamlined aesthetics, making them ideal for contemporary design. 

Solid, Durable and Easy to Care for 

Aluminium is known for its solid properties, especially when it is exposed to elements. It is insensitive to UV rays and does not rot, does not rust or bend. In addition, it is practically maintenance-free and only needs to be cleaned regularly to look like new. Aluminium is a material especially suitable for different climates because it tolerates moisture, rain and strong sunlight extremely well. It doesn’t warp, tear, discolour, decay or rust. Aluminium is also fireproof and provides additional safety. Aluminium windows and doors offer maximum durability and longevity, which further reduces the already small CO2 footprint. 

Durable Colour and High-quality Finish 

All high-end aluminium windows and doors should have a smooth powder coating, which means that you never need to paint them because the surface provides excellent durability. Because aluminium is light, ductile and easy to process, it provides a high degree of impermeability to the wind, water and air for optimal energy efficiency in the home. Another thing to think about is that some aluminium windows and doors have an anodized coating, which is an environmentally harmful process. Powder painting is a much better finish in terms of environmental performance. 

Energy Efficiency 

Because aluminium is light, ductile and easy to process, these types of doors and windows provide a high degree of protection from wind, water and air, ensuring optimal energy efficiency in the home, which leads to warmer, fewer drafts and lower energy costs. Aluminium is also recyclable, which significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint of aluminium windows and doors. In fact, aluminium recycling requires only 5% of the energy initially used to produce 


Safety is, of course, an important factor when deciding which windows and doors to install in your home. There are many different materials to choose from, so understanding how safe they are is an important step. Despite its lightness, aluminium is an abundantly maintenance-free material that ensures a long service life. Aluminium is extremely strong and durable, which is why it is ideal for window and door design. Because of its structural integrity, it can help develop innovative solutions for all architectural styles and can be transformed into one of the thinnest frames on the market. You can keep your home secure with aluminium joinery from Window Factory who use a combination of aluminium with sophisticated locking systems to attain maximum safety.                                                                                              


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