The Ultimate Guide to Accessorizing on Your Summer Vacation


Have you booked your tickets and are ready to fly off to your dream summer vacation? Are warm sunny beaches and cocktails on your mind? Then it is time to let your inner fashionista shine and bring out those summer dresses and bikinis! As you decide on your vacation wardrobe, do not forget to take your outfits up a notch by styling them with the perfect accessories. 

Think of accessories as a cherry on top as they help add dimension to your ensemble while bringing out your aesthetic. Small additions can truly bring uniqueness to the entire outfit and are a great way to make your looks versatile, depending on the occasion you are headed.  

While most of us find it easy to add a pair of sunglasses and match the right handbag, it is the attention to details that might be a more challenging task. 

Are you ready to crank up the glamor on your summer vacation wardrobe? Stay with us as we walk you through the ultimate must-have accessories for a stylish summer. 

1.Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces can take your outfit from drab to fab in a second. If you pick the right piece, it can be the star of your outfit that brings it all together for that extra oomph. 

They are also an extremely versatile piece of jewelry that can be styled in different ways. 

If you’re getting ready for a casual day of strolling around on your holiday and have decided to go for the classic plain white tee, add a chunky metal piece to make your outfit a little more exciting. 

Going out for a night of fun? Pair your Little Black Dress with a colorful statement necklace to bring it all to life. 

You can also mix it up by pairing different necklaces for a more layered look that is sure to make you pop. 

2. Unique Rings 

Rings are a timeless piece of jewelry that adds a touch of grace and elegance to any outfit, and we feel that your summer wardrobe will definitely be incomplete without this beloved accessory. 

While planning on what rings to take for a summer getaway, we suggest you leave behind your more expensive fine pieces and opt for a statement, versatile options that can match the vibe of any destination you are going to without fear of losing your valuables. 

Summer is all about experimenting and escaping from the norm, so go for jazzy designs and fashion rings to bring a vibrant flair to your vacation looks. A popular choice is vintage-inspired rings that complement almost any summer style and have a special flair to them. They can be silver or gold and is totally up to you for which color you would go. Their characteristic designs feature different motifs from flowers to scrolls to bows. Many incorporate religious motifs that are molded into gorgeous unique rings. A crown of thorns ring is a good example of a one of a kind ring with an impeccable design that tells the story of how the king of the Jews was crowned. The meaning this sterling silver ring holds is beyond words. 

At last, you can also consider stacking your rings or adding bright colored gemstones for some extra pizzaz. 

3. Stylish Earrings


Earrings are another staple accessory item that needs to be added to your list of vacation wardrobe-essentials. 

From over-sized fun pieces that add a (literal) swing to your look to classic subtler ones, there are plenty of design options to choose from when accessorizing your summer outfits. 

Hoop earrings are a classic style that everybody should own. Keep smaller hoops for more formal looks and big, bright hoops for a casual day out. 

Other options to consider are drop earrings that can add style and color to your ensemble. Consider pairing these Wilshire drop earrings by Gorjana with a beautiful summer dress for an eclectic look.

4. The Perfect bag


When accessorizing for summertime, the bags you choose to carry with you should be both functional and chic. Consider packing a day and night bag that will accompany you on all your adventures while adding personality to your entire outfit. 

If you are headed for a vacation where you will be spending long hours soaking the sun at the beach, then you need the perfect daytime beach bag to doll up your look. 

Graphic totes are all the rage nowadays where companies are producing stylish and eco-friendly versions for you to carry your belongings in. They can later be used even to carry groceries, so it’s a win-win in terms of functionality. You can go for straw or large-sized canvas totes as well. 

For a nighttime look, you should go for clutch bags to bring sophistication and elegance to your look. From whimsical designs to bold patterns, there are several trendy options out there that can transform your plain party dress into a complete runway look. You can go for clutches or cross-body pouches for chic carrying. 

5. Trendy HeadScarves 

Headscarves are all the rage nowadays, which is why they need to make a special appearance in your vacation wardrobe. They are the best summer accessory as endorsed by several Instagram influencers and celebrities who are often seen sporting versatile headscarves looks. 

There are tons of different ways in which you can incorporate headscarves for those extra points on your outfit. Here are our top picks! 

The ponytail look is a fun way to get that hair out of your face while looking effortlessly chic. Scrunchie scarves are great to tie your beachy waves into a low-lying ponytail. The long ends of the scarf will add a great deal of charm to your look. 

Another great look is to tie it as a looped headband. This will help you stay cool in the summer while looking cute. 

Lastly, we recommend using vibrant color scarfs especially if you’re combining it with a neutral outfit as it’s a sure-shot way to achieve a gorgeous look. 

Final Thoughts 

While you may be getting closer to fun in the sun, paying attention to smaller details in your summer wardrobe will add that extra zing for an unforgettable, glam summer. 

Are you excited to try our styling tips out? What is your favorite accessory for the summer? We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments sections below. 


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