7 Best Grocery Credit Cards in India 2020

Best Grocery Credit Cards

Groceries sure are lifestyle requisites that help us run a home smoothly. Supermarkets, these days, cater to the needs and requirements of every one of us, with the grocery items ranging from food to crockeries to cosmetics to standard household requisites. Every one of us shops for groceries, some products more than the others, depending on the urgency. How frequently do you make your grocery purchases? Once a month? Twice a month? Or, is it more often? Imagine if you can make oodles of savings on your regular grocery shopping? Various financial institutions have specially designed credit cards to make this wish come true! Amongst the several grocery credit cards available, the best credit cards are those that give most returns on your spending. Generally, most households in India tend to make monthly purchases, and having a tailor-made card to maximize their grocery shopping spree can be a great deal for them.

Credit cards sure have revolutionized the entire lifestyle experience for regular people. There are numerous credit cards available in the market that grant good returns for in-person as well as online grocery shopping. Some credit cards provide perks depending on the total spending, while others vary based on where you shop. In a nutshell, with grocery credit cards, you can improve your savings on various grocery products by availing rewards and cash back perks. This article enlists seven best credit cards in India that provides cashback benefits on grocery and departmental store purchases. Read on to choose the best card for your needs.

1. Kotak Essentia Platinum Card

This is one of the best choices of credit cards for lifestyle, especially for individuals with high net worth. Given below are a few features to know if you pick this card for your grocery purchases.

  • Provides 10% cashback on grocery and department store spendings
  • Has 10 saving points for every INR 100 worth of spends
  • This card can also be used for international spends
  • Joining fee is capped at INR 1,499 while annual fee is INR 749
  • Eligible locations for this card are Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi (with Gurgaon & Noida as well) and Chandigarh

2. DigiSmart Card by Standard Chartered

This contactless credit card provides Grofers bank offers and tailored specifically for those individuals who love online shopping. Let us know more about the Grofers bank offers with this credit card.

  • This bank offers 10% off on shopping with Grofers.com with no minimum spends
  • This is applicable for 5 transactions per calendar month with a maximum discount of INR 1000, per month
  • Use promo code DIGISMART to avail this Grofers bank offer
  • Monthly fee of INR 49, on the card, which is waived off for transactions over INR 5000 from the previous calendar month

Save more with Grofers bank offers on credit cards now

3. SimplySAVE Advantage SBI Credit Card

If you invest heavily in grocery shopping, this card has got you covered with some incredible benefits listed below. 

  • For every INR 100 spends, you can earn 10x reward points which can be later redeemed on dining benefits and movie tickets
  • The annual fee is INR 499
  • You can also get an add-on card for student family members need is there

4. Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

This card proffers a satisfying number of returns when shopping online. Here are a few of its features.

  • 2X reward points for every INR 200 spent on groceries and other purchases
  • 5% discount on purchases with Flipkart
  • 6X reward points for INR 200, for online purchases
  • No annual fee involved

5. ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Card

This contactless card provides appealing rewards, unlimited cashbacks, and discounts in grocery stores supermarkets in India. The key features include.

  • 2X reward points on purchases from grocery stores and supermarkets
  • The contactless features make it convenient for quick purchases
  • Joining fee is INR 1000 and service taxes are also applicable
  • Annual fee of INR 500 is charged from the second year, which is waived off on spends over INR 1,250,000 from the previous year

6. ICICI Rubyx American Express Card

The Rubyx card allows a host of privileges on shopping, dining, and much more. Here’s how this card makes your grocery shopping experience better.

  • 6 cashback points on every INR 100 spent
  • Welcome Vouchers on shopping and travel worth INR 5,000 on payment of joining fee
  • A discount of INR 5,000 flat on household furniture purchases for over INR 20,000 spends on Pepperfry
  • The joining fee is INR 3,000 with additional charges on goods and service tax, and the annual fee is INR 2,000 + goods and service tax applicable from 2nd year onwards

7. HDFC Solitaire Credit Card

This card helps with plenty of savings on your grocery shopping. Here are some of the perks of getting this card.

  • It provides a discount of 50% on numerous grocery and dining merchants
  • Cardholders can earn as much as INR 2,880 rewards points or even more, in a year, on grocery spends
  • Involves a nominal annual fee of INR 500
  • Cardholders can avail and redeem rewards points for gifts from HDFC gift catalog, for every INR 150 spent on their Solitaire credit card

Grocery cards with Grofers bank offers and others hold extensive benefits and gains for credit card holders, letting them manifest the power of making transacts with reward points. Generally, grocery credit cards offer manifold of benefits in the form of extra reward earnings that can be recovered later, against a diverse assortment of vouchers and merchandise or directly changed into statement credit. Some of these credit cards also grant direct cashbacks as a percentage of the total bill when you shop at their partner stores. 



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