holiday shopping
Two best friends shopping for Christmas in the old town Quebec city. They have fun playing tourists. They wear mittens and toques coats. Shopping in decorated and busy streets, browsing shop windows, choosing gifts, carrying lots of bags full of presents, having a coffee break or a meal after shopping, on the phone, checking technology.

Your twenties are to have fun, and your thirties are to learn life lessons. You will not have enough experiences if you do not live fully in your youth. Create a bucket list and try experiencing the items one by one. Continue reading this article to find out exciting things to do in your twenties.

Solo Travel: Travelling with friends and family is quite different from a solo trip. You have to make vital decisions when you are out there without depending on your loved ones making the right choices for you.

  • Chose the destination that you want to visit. Since you are the sole visitor, the only person to consult to is you. Pick a place that brings you joy spiritually and mentally.
  • Before making your first solo trip, do thorough planning. Spend months, researching about the culture of the place, plane ticket fare and what not.
  • Book hotels, car rental services in advance to avoid unpleasant circumstances.
  • While you are at the place, stay safe. Follow all the local safety guidelines and protocols to be in the clear.

Weed Party: Have you ever gathered all of your close friends and had a weed party? If not, it is time to do that. Research well on the kind of weed you want to get high on; there is a variation of weed available in the market. Find the best quality of weed from the local dispensaries in California and explore the summery sea beaches with friends. To arrange the weed party, maintain the following protocols.

  • Have the weed pre-rolled and ready to go.
  • Set the mood by throwing some soft pillows on the floor and lighting up a few scented candles.
  • Dim the lights to create the perfect ambience.

Host a Social Gathering: Hosting an event is a life skill that everyone needs to master. Hosting a successful grown-up party without any supervision means you have fully blossomed into being a responsible adult human being.

  • Pre-plan every single detail of the party; starting from the food to drink and more.
  • Time out your party situation. Set an end limit when the music has to stop.
  • Set boundaries with the party people without being a party pooper.

Do Something that Scares You: It is important to be adventurous and enjoy the wild open; no matter how introverted you think you are. Everyone should do things that scare them a bit, to know more about their personality.

  • Try scuba diving in the clear water with the fishes.
  • Try bungee jumping and feel your heart pounding in your chest.
  • Visit a haunted house with your friends.

The most important thing to do in your twenties is to have fun. And there can be no fun without responsibility. That is why it is so crucial to practice cautions before taking any actions. Take proper precautions beforehand so that you may fully enjoy your adventures of life. If you have enough savings, then only you will feel secure enough to take life as a challenge and get the best of things. Grab every opportunity you get to enjoy the smaller pleasures in life, as time goes on all too quickly.


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