What You Need To Know About Dry Air And The Use Of Humidifiers

Use Of Humidifiers

It is evident that after summer, one should prepare for winter months and the adverse effects it comes with. Humidifiers can play a significant role during cold seasons, and if you don’t have one, it’s time to get it. As you know, dry air causes many harmful effects to your health and home hence the need for a humidifier to produce moisture. Here is why you should be worried about dry air in your home.  

1. Causes of dry air 

You have to ensure the humidity of your home is between 30-50% since excessive moisture in the atmosphere creates an array of issues such as mold growth. During cold seasons, air can’t hold moisture; that’s why winter is associated with dry air. When the atmosphere in your home is dry, it can negatively impact your health and dwelling. However, Everlastingcomfort.net has taken into consideration the harmful effects that dry air can cause and listed numerous humidifier types that produce moisture indoors. The moisture prevents allergies like runny nose, itchy eyes, and the worst cases of asthma flare-ups.  

2. Damages caused by dry air to your home       

Even though excess humidity results in condensation, water strains, and even stuffy smell, dry air damages property. You need to balance moisture in your home by ensuring there is no gap or space in your window or door frames to let in air. The effects of dry air, if left unattended, can damage hardwood floors, window frames, walls, and so on.   

3. Dry air effects to your health

Just the way our body needs water to function appropriately, less moisture in the air has adverse health side effects. Being exposed to dry air can trigger respiratory issues like asthma by narrowing your airway, hence; causing breathing difficulties. Moisture from humidifiers is known to clear airways, loosens thick phlegm, thus restoring the normal breathing. The humidity also relieves shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing. 

4. Skin issues 

Enough air moisture makes the skin glow by healing the dry and itchy areas of the skin. However, dry air makes your skin situation bad to the extreme levels of developing dermatitis. You can invest in a humidifier to balance moisture in your home if you suspect low-humidity. Also, dry air can cause chills, flu symptoms, respiratory conditions, and so on. Unfortunately, children, pregnant women, and the aged are more vulnerable to the adverse effects caused by dry air. This is why you need to use humidifiers in your home to increase moist levels in the rooms. 


Dry air is not a pleasant thing when it comes to your health and house. It carries adverse effects like discussed above; that’s why Everlastingcomfort.net offers humidifiers to ensure homes and other buildings are safe to live in. Humidifiers control moisture levels indoors hence improving the overall quality of air. This makes your dwelling a healthy place to live in with your family, minus allergies, molds, and other illnesses. 



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