The Most Important Segments of Every Man’s Life

Important Segments of Every Man's Life

Being a man is a tough business, and being a real man even more so. No matter how you twist it and turn it, you have to prepare for this. Since you entered elementary school, you knew you wanted some things in your life. 

Yet, nothing in this life comes without a price. You are going to invest your time, sacrifice those nights out with your buddies, and really put yourself to work if you want to see your vision come true. 

But, before you roll your sleeves, you have to do another thing. You need a plan of action.



Now, don’t worry. You won’t be doing this in a rather superficial way like writing your dreams on a piece of paper. And, you won’t do it in a micromanaged way like detailing the whole thing out. However, you need to be aware of how you want certain things to play out in your life. 

For example, what you are going to do for a living. Going to college and being young and wild is great and all. However, once you get that degree, real life starts. You’ll have to go out and get money so you can go through the rest of your list. 

Certainly, your childhood and teenage aspirations have a say in this. However, even though dreams are great, you want to be realistic. The sooner you start working, the sooner your finances will improve. 

Yet, choosing a calling, something you’ll do for the rest of your life isn’t as easy as it sounds. You want to look at people around you and see what they do. Additionally, you want to do some research. The research should consist of calculating a yearly pay, and understanding how much work you need to do for that kind of money. 

Still, the most important thing you’ll need to do is to see if you are able to start working in that profession. If you aren’t skilled enough and it’ll take a lot of time to master that job, you want to pick another profession instead. 

Note that you can pick another profession somewhere along the way. However, you don’t want to compromise, especially, when you are looking to enter that special union called marriage. 



Now that you have a steady income, you are ready to enter the sacred union known as marriage. And, marriage is something you want to plan out. Of course, if you are a guy, you probably won’t choose napkins and catering. Yet, you probably want to take a look at wedding suits for men

and pick a suitable one. 

Needless to say, it’s mandatory that you found a good wife. And, by a good wife you want a wife that’s going to be your partner for life. Along those lines, you want to pick a woman that’s going to have similar goals to yours, similar view on life, and similar needs to yours. 

Once you find that person, you are ready to plan your wedding. Aside from pushing the obvious romantic bias, you want to plan expenses for your wedding. Getting into debt to finance a wedding simply isn’t a smart choice. You see, maybe your spouse will be all too happy about that. 

However, you want to level up your game. You want to have enough money to live with your future wife after the wedding. When you plan for a wedding it’s important to plan finances, not only for the wedding, but also for what comes after it. 

Because, yes you can have a dream wedding, but it shouldn’t return later as a nightmare of debt. What’s far more important is to be able to finance your dream life, of which wedding is a single part. After all, nothing beats having your dream house. 

First House

First House

This is the breaking point in the life of any man. Getting a house on your own is a trial and tribulation of man regardless of the age or point in civilization. When you get a wife and a house of your own you can consider yourself a real man. 

Of course, it’s far from a stereotype enforcing. But, once you get married and get a house of your own you completed the first two imperatives of manhood. You got a person to whom you are going to commit and have offspring. Second, you provided them with a home that they are going to call their own. 

Here, you want to make sure that you prospect the house accordingly. Prior to buying, make sure that you are getting what you paid for. 

Check the installations, as well as possible spots for refurbishing. If you have to do a lot of work and still buy a house, then it probably isn’t worth it. 

In most cases, you’ll have to invest more money than you are prepared to. Just make sure that your investment really is an investment and not a gamble. 

That’s why it’s so important to have a career path chosen before you by a house. You’ll really need to pay for all of this, and having a steady income is a way to go. 

That way, you are ready to take on the greatest task any man can take in his life.



This is the crown of being a man. That’s having children.

In today’s society, people are emphasizing riches a bit too much. Sure, you can buy a Lamborghini, or other luxuries. But, the children are the greatest riches any many can have. Because, when you come home from a long day at work, and you kiss your wife, and you see your children, nothing can beat that.

However, while that’s great, you have to plan for children. There are basically three periods you have to plan out when having children. The first is the newborn period, the second is adolescence, and the third one is college. After that, the children become men of their own, and luckily, they’ll be able to live without your help. 

The newborn period lasts from the childbirth until the children are 10 or 12. This is a rather sensitive period. During this time you want to get proper healthcare for the children, buy the necessities, and ensure their growth. 

The adolescence period covers the time period from when the kids are already in school, but they are in the most important growth period. Here, you want to be able to finance their needs and development, which includes hobbies, healthcare, and so on. You want them to get proper education, and prepare them for the rest of their life. 

Finally, the college period comes. Now, you wanted to ensure you saved enough money so you can help your children stay out of college debt. After that, you practically did all that is important and you can ease up in life. You are a man now. 

Finally retirement

Finally retirement

At last, some time for you. If you made it this far, you’ve done a great job. 

You’ve done everything in your power to take care of your wife and children. It’s time to ease back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You deserved it.  


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