Guide For Working and Living in the USA

Work and Live in the USA

Choosing to migrate or live in a new country is always going to be a challenge. You have to adapt to a new environment, culture, and norms too. It is essential that before you make that big decision of moving and living in the United States. You need to familiarise yourself with some reliable online information and guides from the experts such as Ashoori Law they will help you in making that dream of moving and working in the United States a dream come true.

Living in the US

The United States’ Policy regarding accepting immigrant applications is ever-changing. Certain events such as 9/11 have changed how the US Government sees and approaches immigration requests in the past years. Specific protocols are also updated and replaced, which is very important to adapt to the changing times.

Immigrants wishing to enter the US are required to have a visa. Many types of visas are provided for those with the “American Dream.” Visas are divided into immigrant (permanent resident) and non-immigrant (temporary resident) visas, which either give you the right to travel to the US and to live and work there permanently or the possibility of qualifying for a US citizenship after five years or more of residence.

Possession of a visa does not guarantee that one may enter the United States whenever he or she decides to. People undergo strict and stringent processes, and those who do not comply may end up being deported, denied entry, or even jail time.

Living and Finding A Job in the United States

The US market has finally recovered from the recession. One proof is that the United States has the lowest unemployment rate for the past years. More jobs are available, and more companies are open to filling these openings by hiring foreign nationals and immigrants.

However, there are still times that it would be hard to find a job in the United States, especially for non-US citizens or immigrants as well. Rules for getting a visa are getting tighter, and the processes of getting it are getting more complicated for some people.

Still, people choose to work in the United States for many reasons. Family, greener pasture, high salary, better benefits, a more significant opportunity for growth are some of the reasons why people still chase that dream of working in the United States. 

On average, people would need to work at least 40 hours a week to pay for their bills and other necessities. This could be difficult for those who are just starting as some employers would only offer around 20-25 hours a week, and benefits are not that amazing unless you were offered a 40-hour starting job when you applied. You are one of the lucky ones then.

Work Environment in the United States

Typical working hours are Monday to Friday, from 9 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon. Most employers would give you an hour of lunch break, but some would only offer half an hour of lunch break. Employers and businesses are starting to be more flexible too. Some companies would also allow their employees to set their working schedules depending on the business needs. 

The typical working week is a standard 40 hour working period. People should be ready with the reality that businesses would require more hours depending on the status of the company, nature of the business, and the business movement needs. Of course, with these extra working hours, employers offer to pay premiums and overtime pay. Most immigrants take this opportunity to earn extra to be at least able to add up to their savings or to cover some of the bills that needed to be paid.




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