How To Get A Head Start On Your Home’s Annual Spring Cleaning

Head Start On Your Home’s Annual Spring Cleaning

The onset of spring marks new beginnings after the long, gloomy winter. And it is also the time for the homeowners to get on with their spring cleaning routine. After the months of being tucked lazily beneath the covers, a cleaning spree to get your home organized makes perfect sense. Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment, this is something you would absolutely want to do for welcoming the new season. If you want to get a head start with cleaning your living space from high to low, here are some tips that can help.


Even before you start with the cleaning spree, your first move should be to clear out the clutter. List out everything you haven’t used in the last year, be it clothing, shoes, linen, furniture pieces, kitchen utensils, appliances or anything else you can think of. If you don’t plan to use the stuff in the near future, clear out the clutter right now. You can donate them to a local charity, sell them online or even organize a garage sale to sell some things. Believe it or not, decluttering means that half the work is already done.

Move the big pieces

If you have been bored of the same layout all through the fall and winter, now is the time to reorganize your place. Start by moving the bigger furniture pieces such as the sofa, center table, couches, and cabinets. Clean them as you reorganize. Then move the smaller stuff around to create new layouts for all the rooms. Not only will it give a fresh, new look to the rooms, but you will also get a chance to clean all the corners you may have been ignoring for a while.

Call the pros

Dusting up high and down low is a lot of work and you may not really be impressed with the results in the end. The best way to get a head start with your spring cleaning, therefore, is to call the pros. Several professionals from Snupit South Africa are readily available for helping you clean for the spring season. Look for a provider who offers comprehensive services, right from cleaning the furniture, electric fixtures, carpets, kitchen, and bathroom tiles and flooring.

Clean inside kitchen cabinets and appliances

Spring cleaning is not just about dusting the corners, mopping the floors and washing the linens. It is also about cleaning the kitchen cabinets and appliances. Check the expiry dates of the packaged food items and dispose of the ones that are no longer good for use. A thorough cleanup for the refrigerator with baking soda and water solutions makes it smell fresh and look like new. Clean the oven with the same solution.

Pay extra attention to all the forgotten areas of the home and make sure that everything is shiny clean at the end of the cleaning spree. You will surely fall in love with your home once again! 


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