How You Can Winterize Your Windows and doors Mississauga

Winterize Your Windows and doors Mississauga

A home is a place where we seek refuge whenever the weather becomes harsh. When winter is approaching, we start freaking out because of the cold that makes our windows misty. We can no longer have a view of the outside, and well, we have to stay inside. When we are adequately prepared, we can beat this season with a warm and comfortable home and no longer have to worry about winter.

One way of getting prepared for winter is by winterizing your doors and windows. It seems like a challenging task but according to Thwindowsdoors, winterizing your windows and doors Mississauga does not have to be complex at all. Some simple methods you can use include:

Methods to winterize doors

1. Checking the glass

Inspect your window for cracks and broken glasses. If you realize any problem, act on it accordingly, and there you go! You are ready to enjoy the rest of the year.

2. Adding insulation.

You can use batt or spray insulation to your windows and doors Mississauga. Try accessing the back area of your window or door trim. They are the best parts to add insulation. Ensure it is fluffy and not overstaffed. Use the right insulation for doors and windows.

3. Adding weather stripping

Use the correct weather stripping on your windows and doors to prevent cold weather and drafts from entering your house.

4. Caulking

If you choose to caulk your windows and doors, use polyurethane caulk. It is ideal as you can paint it and provide better sealing. Caulking can be challenging at first, but when you master it, it becomes more fun.

Methods of Winterizing Your Windows

Now that we have learned how we can winterize both windows and doors Mississauga, let us narrow down to winterizing windows:

5. Install storm windows

They are normally bought together with the window and are prevalent in areas that are prone to storms. If you did not install your storm window, put it up. And, if your window did not come with a storm window, purchase one and install it.

6. Window insulator kits

They are practical in keeping draft away. Having an insulator kit can also help in quick fixes since it is easy to use.

7. Thermal window  replacement Mississauga fashions

Drapes that are thermally-lined are an excellent option for keeping breezes away. They are reusable and give a long term service. For efficiency, make sure that you hand these drapes very close to the windows.

8. Cellular shades

They are as effective as the thermal window fashions, but are more beautiful. Cellular shades are customizable, and you can use them throughout the year without having to change them.

9. Cover window basement wells

They are ideal to use in the basement window replacement Mississauga. By covering their wells, you enhance these windows’ energy-efficiency.

10. Reinforce Your Windows

Window reinforcement is best done on double-hung windows. You can reinforce them by replacing a single sash lock with a double sash lock.

11. Buy new windows 

It is the utmost window replacement Mississauga solution whose air leaking is uncontrollable. 

12. Bubble wrap quick fix

It is a temporary solution for surprise chills, which are common in areas with a hot climate when they experience a change in weather conditions.

Methods of Winterizing Your Stop Drafts and Doors

  • Use the deadbolt: it strengthens the seal by pulling the door tight.
  • Add a draft guard: if you had not budgeted to buy one, you can use household items such as old blankets and towels. Roll them and place them under your door to prevent the draft.
  • Install door gaskets: rubber gaskets are the most commonly used indoors. But, stop mounted gaskets are more reliable as they can prevent door and frame molding. These gaskets can be modified and also adds to the security of your home.
  • Buy a new door: sometimes, door repairs can be more costly than purchasing a new door. If you have an old home, consider replacing your door with a new one, because you can keep having endless repairs to your old door.
  • Upgrade your pet door: this door can be easily forgotten since it is only used by pets. Do not forget to check it, and if you realize that it is allowing draft in, it is time to upgrade. Use a weather-resistant door that is properly sealed.


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