How to Choose the Best Hotel in Dubai: 4 Tips

Best Hotel in Dubai

Dubai is a hot-spot for tourists nowadays due to its marvelous attractions like desert safari, Burj Khalifa, etc. It has become an undisputed choice for travelers today, and this is the reason why more and more people are looking out for the hotels, the best in Dubai, to make their vacations a memorable affair. With several hotels offering lucrative deals, choosing the best hotel is not an easy deal!

If you are also looking for a fun-filled vacation in Dubai, here are the five tips for choosing the best hotel in Dubai:


Budgets are the major constraint when it comes to choosing a hotel. You can find many hotels that offer lavish stay and wonderful amenities. But everything comes at a price. If you want a hotel with multiple facilities, no matter whether you use them or not, the booking price includes all of them. ( Hence, to make a good hotel affordable, choose the amenities you want to go with and the hotel, which is offering the same. It will help you to cut down the cost of the hotel on account of those facilities that you do not require.

Always opt for breakfast and dinner as meals and skip lunch unless you are planning to stay in a hotel for the whole day. It will help in reducing the total hotel fare. 


The part of Dubai which you are planning to cover on your vacation, your hotel must be located either at that location or its vicinity. Booking a cheap hotel away from the locations adds to your transportation cost. Also, it takes time to commute, adding a hassle to your vacation.  There are many beachside hotels along with the Palm areas or Jumeriah Beach to add fun to your vacation by enjoying water sports and turquoise water.

You can enjoy a private stay at Palm – an artificial island. It is just 20 minutes away from the metropolis and offers a sensational view to the visitors. There are plenty of luxury dessert hotels that are meant for adventure-enthusiasts offering opulent suites, majestic views, and a private infinity pool. What more can you ask for?

Reviews of customers

A hotel may look fabulous online and offer excellent deals. However, the reality may be far away. Hence it is crucial to check the reviews posted by the other travelers for the hotel you are planning to pick up for your vacation. They post their real-life experience and give an overview of the hospitality and other facilities of the specific hotel. 

Do not pick the hotels with excellent reviews as there may be some marketing gimmick by way of posting fake reviews. Always consider the pros and cons of a hotel in accordance to your requirements before finalizing the one.

Inclusions offered by a hotel

There are hotels that provide the complete packages including the sight-seeing. Always compare the deals of such hotels to make the best choice. Few hotels provide complimentary shuttle service or free entrance fees, which cut down your overall cost of the vacation. Go for the hotels providing popular attractions as complimentary.


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