4 Considerations Before Purchasing Home Chandeliers

purchasing home chandeliers

Turning on the chandelier at the first time after work every day can really feel that I’m at home now. Home chandeliers directly affect the whole atmosphere of our living spaces, while different chandelier styles create different feelings. The modern luxury chandelier with metal and glass ornaments is magnificent as its lighting will be soft and not dazzling. Cool white bulbs are better for crystals’ reflecting light. Chandelier absolutely is the finishing touch in the interior design. Now spend 5 minutes looking at what tips you should know before purchasing.


When purchasing chandeliers, you must consider the dimensions over the design. In fact, it is the area of the room that determines the size of the lights. It is not appropriate to hang a massive, intricate ceiling chandelier in a small space, or vice versa. Therefore, the size of the lights is one of the elements that need to be considered as well. To give you an idea, a pendant light with a diameter of 50-60 cm may be suitable for a small area of roughly 9-14 square meters. This excellent ratio will make your room evenly balanced and visually enlarged. Besides, the ones of which diameter measure 70-80 cm are a more appropriate choice for a 20-30 square meters living room. This variety of home chandeliers are astonishing and add a beautiful touch to the environment.


Materials make chandeliers variegated, with different designs created by diverse materials. For this reason, the choice of materials should be congruous with the style of decor. For instance, crystal made chandeliers give the perception of luxury and opulence. Some of them are decorated with antique brass finishes and elegantly shaped resembling delicate pieces of artware, making the interiors marvelous.

Moreover, glass is an environment-friendly material. Glass-made lights can make the whole ambiance brighter and warmer. The glass itself represents simplicity and high quality of life. Therefore, crystal and brass chandeliers can bring consistency to European style interiors. On the other hand, if your house interior design follows the American style, crystal and glass are the choices for you.


Structure composition is another factor that must be considered, in order to facilitate cleaning and replacement process. The simpler the structure, the easier it will be to install, clean, load, and unload. If you want to avoid too much trouble dusting, downward-facing lamps with light shades are the best option for you.


The height of the lights needs to be related to the height of the living room. Usually, pendant lights should be installed in a distance between 100cm to 150cm from the ceiling, which creates a nice proportion and lights up the room. It would be more practical if their height were to be adjustable.

After these careful observations, we finally come to the Dandelion Shape Chandelier with Crystal Beads. It is composed of a brass light post, with eco-friendly glass lamp tubes, and shinning crystal beads. Embracing glamour and whimsy, the crystal bedazzled stems branching into a sparkling globe resemble dandelion seeds dispersed by the wind in a flash. Seen from afar, this glittering ball reminds of the snowflakes shimmering and stars twinkling. This masterpiece combines European and American styles together, achieving a fashionable and refined design. The unique dandelion shape is evocative of natural scenery, adding a charming touch to the house. Different sizes are available (D50*H100cm, D70*H120cm, D100*H150cm), helping to create a cohesive atmosphere.


Hopefully, these four considerations will help you to better choose a decorative chandelier. There are infinite variants of pendant lights on the market that might make you feel disorientated. The best way to narrow down your choices is to turn to reliable brands. BRLIGHTING is a high-end fashion brand specialized in home lighting decoration, founded on high-quality standards, adopting new elements of modern design and materials, including crystal, brass, agate, and colored glass, etc. If you have any questions or needs for lighting decor, do not hesitate to contact BRLIGHTING!


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