The 8 Different Types of Windows Available for Your Home Today

different types of windows

Your choice of windows could either make or break your overall house aesthetics. Choose correctly, and your windows could be your home’s highlights.

Now it’s easy to overlook windows when doing your home designs. After all, these installments are invisible for starters. Plus, all of them seem pretty much the same, and you have bigger things to worry about, like the roofing or interior.

However, the windows play pretty big roles in our homes. In this piece, we’ll expound on the different types of home window replacement options you could choose for your home. We’ll also look at a couple of reasons why windows are so important.

Role of Windows in Our Homes

You should pay keen attention to the windows when you are building or buying your home. Windows are not only for visuals but have a lot of essential functions in our houses.

Here are a couple of important roles windows play:-

They provide lighting for our homes. That’s why the strategic placing of windows is crucial when building your home. Window placement will determine how cheerful or drab your home will be.

Ventilation reasons– Whenever a room is stuffy, you’ll hear the phrase, “crack a window open.” However, when things get too hot, we open the window completely. We install windows to provide proper air circulation and control the temperature.

Keeping in the warmth– When it’s cold outside, windows help keep the chilly air out. It also helps the warm, comfy air circulate within the house.

Something not so good about windows is that they can make the house less energy efficient. In fact, not a lot of folks know this, but your windows could be skyrocketing your energy bill.

However, not all windows do this and choosing energy-efficient windows helps tremendously. Alternatively, you could do some energy efficiency improvements on your current windows. Properly installed windows are more energy-efficient than carelessly fixed ones.

Different Types of Windows You Could Choose for Your Home

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to windows. So whether you’re building your home or just replacing your current windows, you may be spoiled for choice.

You may also want to find out first the various parts of a window before we get into it.

Each window will have a unique design and will serve various purposes. Remember, you can always have different windows for different rooms or different floors. If you’re doing some window shopping, here are a couple of options you could consider.

1. Casement Windows

These windows swing out or up to open. They usually come in pairs, one to the right and the other to the left. They are great for allowing in light because they lack muntin bars or other framings.

These windows are hinged, so most of them open or close by turning a crank. They also don’t obstruct the outside view apart from letting in the light. Casement windows can set you back between $250 and $750, depending on their design.

2. Hopper Windows

Hopper windows usually open up from the top and have a hinge at the bottom. They are best for basements and bathrooms. This is because their design allows them to fit in small cramped up spaces.

They crank open from the top, and then you can tip them down to open completely. These windows will, of course, be pretty awkward for anywhere except the bathroom and the basement.

These windows offer excellent insulation because they seal entirely with the frame when you close them completely.

3. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are closely related to its counterpart, the double-hung windows, but are starkly different. With single-hung windows, the bottom pane or sash moves while the upper portion remains stationary.

When you open the window, you’ll thus cover the upper panel with the bottom one. These windows cost $170 to $360.

4. Double-Hung Windows

Just like single-hung windows, double-hung windows consist of two sashes, a top sash, and bottom sash. Unlike single hung windows, in double-hung windows, both the lower sash and upper sash can move.

These sashes can also easily tilt out, which makes them easier to clean. However, double-hung windows are more expensive than single hung windows.

5. Arched windows

Arched windows are quite the looker, and can easily become the highlight of any home. In fact, most of these windows don’t actually open or close. They are mostly there for visual appeal.

As such, contractors install them above ordinary windows. These windows have the signature arch at the top for that “wow” factor. However, these windows don’t come cheap.

For a beautiful arched window, you should be looking to spend $350 to $500.

6. Awning Windows

These windows are ideal for places with heavy rain. When they open up, they create a water-resistant awning that lets water drain away. However, they aren’t very visually appealing, and you can save these windows for the basements and sometimes the attic.

7. Retrofit Windows

When you want to replace the windows but need only the pane, then you can choose retrofit windows. Retrofit windows are unlike ordinary replacement windows.

New construction replacement windows involve changing everything from the pane to the frame while retrofitting windows involve only replacing the glass part of the window.

Retrofit windows are easier to install and leave no repair residues, unlike new construction windows.

8. Picture Windows

Those of us with beautiful backyards or a lovely garden outside may want to get a picture window. Picture windows are pretty large windows that give you a complete outside view. They are great for showing off your backyard or scenic vista.

However, please note you can never open these windows. So you might need one or two extra windows to the side.

Windows Are More Than for Aesthetics

Now that you know the different types of windows. It might be essential to note that windows are for more than just visual appeal. However, don’t also neglect the aesthetic value of your window.

Don’t be afraid to splurge on your windows. Your guests will surely appreciate the chicness of your arched windows or how the picture windows accentuate your garden.

For more articles about how to spruce up your home and improve your living, check out our other enticing pieces.


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