The Ins And Outs Of Learning To Bet On The Kentucky Derby

bet on the Kentucky Derby

On the first Saturday of May, it seems the world descends upon Louisville, Kentucky for one of the biggest sports spectacles – the Kentucky Derby.

It’s a huge party full up mint juleps and funny hats and celebrities that lead up to two minutes of horse racing madness.

The best part of the Kentucky Derby is picking a winner. About $165 million was bet on the Kentucky Derby in 2019, breaking the record for the most money bet on the race.

Would you like to join in the fun? Keep reading to know how you can bet on the Kentucky Derby like a pro.

1. Know the Track and the Weather

You can place your bets well in advance of the race, but that’s not wise. Anything can happen, such as weather changes and last-minute scratches.

You’ll want to check the lineup of the race and the weather conditions. A rainy day can create a sloppy track. That would favor the horses running on the outside of the track more than the inside horses.

A beautiful, dry day would favor the horses that are known for speed.

2. The Types of Bets

You may know the basic types of bets. Put two dollars on a horse to win, place, or show. So, if you put money on a horse that comes in first, second, or third and it does, you can win money.

Now, what if you put money on a horse to win and it places? Well, you’re out of luck, unless you box your bet. Boxing your bet means that you are betting on all of the possible ways to win.

So, if you bet $2 for the number 7 horse to win and box the bet, you bet $2 for that horse to win, place, and show. Your total bet is $6.

There’s also the exacta bet, where you bet the top two horses, and the trifecta, where you bet the top three horses to come in.

The most elusive and exciting bet is the superfecta. This can pay off big if you bet the top four horses in the race. You can box all of these bets, increasing your chances to win.

3. Find a Place to Accept Bets

Once you know the types of bets available, you have to know how to bet on Kentucky Derby. You need to find a place to bet.

Every state will have its own gambling regulations, though most states allow horse racing bets. There are online sites that accept bets, so you don’t need to run to the nearest racetrack to get your bet in before post time.

Ready to Bet on the Kentucky Derby?

There is no doubt that the first Saturday in May is one of the best days on the calendar. It’s the day of the Kentucky Derby.

If you want to bet on the Kentucky Derby, you need to learn the different types of bets, such as boxing your bets. Be sure to study the odds and the track conditions on the day of the race. You’ll be sure to pick a winner

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