Easy ways to use signage to make your home a safer place

signage to make your home a safer place

We all want to feel safe in our homes. For most of us, our houses or apartments are where we go to get away from everyone and everything. They are where we find peace and recharge our batteries. So, we are highly motivated to look after them and keep them secure.

There are many different ways to do this. But, one of the easiest is to order some signage from somewhere like mydoorsign.com and put it up in the appropriate places.

It is surprising how effective doing this can be. Here are a few suggestions.

CCTV signs and other signs that put off house breakers

According to the latest FBI statistics, burglary rates are falling. But, every month, hundreds of thousands of homes are still being broken into. So, housebreaking is something you need to protect yourself from.

The right signage can help you to do exactly that. Studies show that home invaders are put off if they think a homeowner has an alarm or CCTV system. Even if you cannot afford these items it is still worth putting up signs that say you have taken these security measures. Most would-be burglars will not take the risk of breaking into your home even if they think you may not actually have cameras and an alarm. The signs are enough to sow that seed of doubt in their minds.

Beware of the dog and neighborhood watch signs can help too. But, there are usually rules surrounding who can display these, so check before putting them up.

Signage to stop cold callers

Unfortunately, most of us receive our fair share of phone calls and emails from scammers. We are now alert to the threat and the way they operate. As a result, most of us are able to avoid being caught out by these types of scams.

But, it is important to remember that some scammers still do things the old-fashioned way. They still go from door-to-door trying to trick people into buying things or services they do not need and do so at highly inflated prices. Or, try to gain access to your home, so they can steal things. As you can see here, they come up with all sorts of excuses for ringing your doorbell.

Surprisingly, putting up a no soliciting sign can help to keep these people away from your door. In some areas, if someone ignores the sign you can immediately ring the police. Scammers know this, so they tend to avoid calling at these homes.

No dumping signs

Surveys show that crime levels are lower in areas that are kept clean and tidy. So, anything you can do to prevent people from dumping their rubbish on your doorstep can help to protect your home. 

Anti-vandal signage

Anti-vandal signs can help with this too. If you use vandal-proof paint for your property and advertise that fact you will put off most taggers. They want their work to be seen, not wiped away within hours. So, they will usually go elsewhere when they see anti-vandal paint signs used on a property.


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