Exclusive gifting ideas for Newly Wed Couple 2020 soon

gifting ideas for Newly Wed Couple

What is the unique gift you can gift the newly-weds? Will the gift be utility-oriented? And, will the couple like it? All these questions keep coming to our mind while selecting a wedding gift. Sometimes catering for a gift for the newly-weds turns difficult. Nowadays, these couples are all well-organized and self-sustained. So, the gift has to be something which they will treasure for the rest of their life. Right from personalized souvenir box, to customized wine glasses and decanter set and engraved plaque with their names – the wedding favors gifting ideas are many. Read along with the rundown of wedding gift ideas that are particular ones for the newly-weds for 2020 soon. 

Gift the newly-weds an intricately curved and personalized decanter set along with customized whiskey glasses. Keep them inside a beautiful souvenir box. The entire set has the engravings of the last or the first name of the couples. Sometimes the wedding date is also engraved on it. Things as the whole act as a beautiful showpiece, which they can store at their cozy bar corner. Moreover, the souvenir box has other purposes, like saving the bride’s trinkets, her bridal shoes, or the groom’s tie! Plan gifting those that have more than one meaning to serve.  

  • Vintage Bar-Cart

How about gifting the newly-weds Vintage bar-chart? Gifting a gift card to the newly-weds have turned cliché. A vintage bar-chart will enable the couple to store their collections of wine and other bottles. This gorgeous and attractive-looking globe chart will stand unique in one corner of the room. The entire thing is utility-oriented and durable. Whether living in an upscale apartment or a small cozy home in the suburbs, the vintage bar chart is a fantastic addition. Designed looking like a standard antique globe, when closed, it becomes spacious. It has space inside of holding many bottles of wine, liquor, and also the specific bar glasses! An extra shelf stores some nick-knacks.  The newly-weds will have a gala time hosting their close associates for cocktails!

  • Personalized name plaque

wedding favors gift

Most newly-weds set-up their house and move inside their cozy living habitat with a lot of dreams stored! A customized name plaque stands as a thought-provoking wedding favors gift for them. It will add on to the beauty of the house exteriors. The entire house will look a bit more laid-back and welcoming.

  • Digital photo frame

Gift a functional digital photo frame to the newly-weds on their special day. It allows you to share and send the most-favored photos. It is a high-tech one, comes well-equipped with face recognition techniques. With this software, the happy couple can create new albums of themselves and their dear ones. A digital photo frame is a muster of fond memories!  

  • Chilled wine in an ornate metal ice bucket

The entire notion for an ideal newly-wed is those who love drinking wine together. Gift them a bottle of chilled wine or herb-flavored liqueur Frangelico to cherish their moments of togetherness. After tying a knot, there is a possibility that they have their requirements handy. Club it, by placing the same in an ornate metal ice bucket. Customize the same with the newly-weds’ name. The pairing goes well and stands as a complete wedding gift.

  • A newly-weds journal

Their first married year is one wild journey. Gift them a couple’s journal. It is an encouraging gift for the newly-weds to savor every moment of their togetherness in this journal.

  • Unique rolling-wine glasses collection

A collection of unique rolling-wine glasses is a good idea for gifting the newly-weds. These glasses roll around and are both amusing and useful. It aerates the sparkling red wine and also oxygenates other alcoholic drinks. It rolls over the flat surface to make things work effectively. This particular gift is both unusual and entertaining while serving the real purpose. 

  • A wedding ring holder

wedding ring holder

We all are aware of the exchange of wedding rings. But there are a lot of other rings in the house. Many times the actual ones disappear, causing an epic panic amongst the newly-weds. Be a concerned friend, and ensure that it does not happen. Gift them a unique and beautiful looking wedding ring holder. The couple can keep it in their bedroom, bedside tables, or restroom sinks.

Wrap up 

A wedding is a holy celebration, a celebration for life, and the match made in heaven. All bless the newly-weds with best wishes for their future endeavors. Most of the invitees bless them by gifting a token of remembrance. It stands as their wedding souvenir. While gifting, try presenting the same in a sleek-looking manner. Plan ahead of their wedding day, so that you get ample time to decide upon their wedding favor gift ideas. Make the couple feel special. Refer to the exclusive gifting ideas for the newly-wed couple 2020. Take the discussed points as your guideline and be a smart thinker!



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