How To Smell Great For Less

Smell Great For Less

Smelling good is always the number one grooming outcome for many of us. Smelling good doesn’t only help to maintain proper hygienic practices but also helps to boost your confidence and your mood. Consequently, it is no surprise that many of us invest a lot in grooming and fragrance products such as scented lotions, creams, deodorants, and perfumes.

However our bodies are a power hub, thus, there’s always a lot going on. Pheromones, hormones and so many other byproducts are released to affect our bodily smells and interactions. Thus, it is not enough to just apply fragrant products.

Smelling good shouldn’t only be about applying fragrance but rather a lifestyle. Check out the collection at Rosa Salas Perfumes and get the chance to smell good in less. And if it doesn’t make sense yet, the tips below on how to smell great for less will clear up any confusion for you.


You should always drink water. It is recommended to drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Yes, some of you haven’t gotten into the practice of drinking tasteless beverages. You don’t have to suffer. You can make the experience more inviting to you.

Simply add fruits, berries or vegetables to make your water more inviting. You may choose to add items such as orange slices, lemon slices, strawberries or even cucumbers to add that zing.  Water is important because it helps your body function normally. Water also helps to dilute aromatics that you have consumed.

Watch What You Add To Your Temple

Your body is your temple. Thus, you must always watch what you add to it. Unhealthy foods such as junk or processed food for once also help to enhance the unpleasant smells in your body over time. This is because the unbalanced and increased proportions of fat and sugar content disrupt the normal functioning of the body.

In addition to unhealthy foods, foods with pungent smells also affect your body smells. You don’t want to consume onions or garlic during the day at work unless you are passively telling people to stay away from you on a bad day.  And if you can’t avoid these types of pungent foods, then always make it a point to carry a small toothbrush kit, mouthwash or gum to freshen up immediately after their consumption.

Take Care Of Your Space

Where you sleep also affects your overall look and mood. To smell good at all times, even your sleeping space has to be on point. Spray your beddings and pillows with fabric spritz or your favorite fragrances. This practice also helps you to relax. Imagine going to sleep in a clean, fresh and well-scented bed every night.

Maximize The Use of Fragrances

Your Belongings

Even with the above practices, the use of fragrances will always be important. Different fragrances will make your life easier.  For example, to keep your clothes fresh and scented in turn leaves you smelling good and fresh. Thus, special attention should also be put on their care.

Wash your clothes with a well-scented laundry detergent and add scented fabric refresher sheets.  In your closet, spray the interior with your favorite perfume once a week, leaving the light and long lingering scent on your clothing even when you wear them.

In the drawer areas of your clothing cabinets, where you store smaller clothing artifacts such as panties and socks, add a scented sachet. A perfume sachet allows the clothes to absorb the light scent. So even after an intense workout, your socks will still maintain that pleasant smell.

However, his is not an invitation to wear your clothes multiple times without washing them. To ensure the process effectively works, you should always wear the clothes only once then, wash them before you wear them again.

To avoid the pungent foot smell, you can also invest in shoe spray. Try applying shoe spray into your cleats on your next soccer game with friends and feel the difference. Some hoe sprays even have ingredients such as eucalyptus and mint to help freshen your feet as you go.

And to help maximize the functionality of your shoe spray, always wash your socks and stockings after a single wear. It’s also great practice to prevent wearing covered shoes, especially leather, without any socks, you are simply just creating the right environment for sweaty and smelly feet.

Unless you are using hair specific fragrance sprays, you don’t want to directly spray your alcohol-based perfume on your hair because doing so will over dry them. However, the perfume scent may be intoxicating and you just want your hair to smell the same. So instead, spray your hairbrush with the fragrance, let it seat to dry then, brush your hair. You should be able to smell the lovely scent.

Your Body

Use effective soaps and shower gels. If you have an unbalanced body scent problem, try out specialized or natural soaps with ingredients such as lemon and lime to counter the odor. These items are great at absorbing unpleasant scents and they also help to enhance that pleasant fresh and citrusy scent. (

You can even wash your clothes with a lime or lemon laundry detergent to maintain the same freshness and pleasant smell on your clothes.

To enjoy the longer lasting fragrance and smell on your body, you should learn how to layer. Applying a mildly scented deodorant before applying perfume is so much more effective than if you don’t. Apart from enhancing your fragrance, the deodorant also helps to tackle perspiration and bodily smells.

Applying perfume to your torso is a process that many people are guilty of. So you shouldn’t feel embarrassed, because the process works. If you want a subtle scent throughout the day, then simply spray your perfume on the torso.

Additionally, because the torso is on a lower position to your face, you will have a pleasant all around aroma rather than the typical in your face effect. To effectively spray your torso for a longer-lasting scent,  immediately after a shower, drying and moisturizing, spray the perfume, after it dries and proceed with dressing up.



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