Mattress Guide: How To Find The Best Mattress For Heavy People

Best Mattress For Heavy People

Finding a mattress is as easy as walking into a store picking one or ordering online. Take note that if you bought from the store, you’ll get it instantly, while if you’re buying online, you might wait for a few days. The only concern is whether it’ll meet your specific sleep needs, which is where most people blunder.

Unless you’re ready to buy a mattress every other week, the ideal decision is to take your time to pick the best mattress that’ll guarantee you comfort and expressively meet your sleep needs.

Mattress For Heavy People

Your body weight is one of the most significant amongst other key factors to consider when buying a perfect mattress. If your body weight is above average, you should be more careful because people in this category may realize they bought the wrong mattress too late.

For heavy people, it’s needful to keenly examine essential details to find the most fitting mattress. The mattress brand for both heavy and slimmer people can be the same with similar features, only that mattresses for heavy people are firmer with more support.

Take note that in today’s world, being heavy is relative. You could weigh 100 pounds and be considered overweight or heavy, whereas another person could not be considered heavy even at, say, 200 pounds.

This handy guide covers the details of picking the best mattress for heavy people weighing 200 pounds or more.

Remember, if you don’t weigh 200 or more pounds but still feel heavy, you can consider these guide on finding the high-quality mattresses, too.

Here are some ways to find the best mattress for heavy people:

Mattress Guide

Visit A Physical Store

Visit a nearby physical store selling mattresses in your search for the best mattress for heavy people. Stores dealing in a wide category of products might have limited choices of mattresses. Instead, you can visit a mattress specialty store so you can find a variety to compare before purchasing in case you find one that meets your needs.

Mattress specialty stores stock mattresses with different features from different brands and you are highly likely to get a good match.

Once in the store, you can ask the customer service attendant to take you through the different mattresses for heavy people from different brands highlighting their features. You’ll most likely find the prices of the mattresses attached. So, you’ll be making a rough draft of mattress choices before you make the final choice.

You can be feeling their texture with a soft pinch, pressing them firmly, sitting, or (if the store permits) lying on them.

Browse Online Stores

Online stores are also a great option when you’re searching for a mattress for heavy people. In a few clicks, you can get a list of the best mattresses compared to each other from different stores.

Here are two tips to keep in mind when shopping for the best mattresses online:

  • Visit mattress review websites: There’s a wide variety of authentic mattress review websites that’ll enrich you with useful information that you can use to make a decision on the mattress type to purchase. 

Most reviewers will give you a cross-comparison with detailed features addressing the pros and cons of each mattress. They can even give you suggestions on where you can find the reviewed mattress and sometimes this turns out to be the best deal.

  • Check out the customer feedback in individual stores: Once you visit an online store selling your prospective mattress, check out the reviews and feedback from previous customers. 

If you find a mattress with many negative reviews, it might not be a good choice. More positive feedback from customers is a good indicator and you should have that mattress in your wishlist.

Word Of Mouth

There’s a likelihood that one person within your circles might have bought a mattress similar to the one you’re looking for, and their opinion might be helpful.

Talk to your close relatives and find out where they bought their mattress and whether it’s meeting their expectations. They’re likely to give you factual information that’ll guide you in your purchase. Even if you don’t like to buy their mattress, and even if they assure you that it’s good quality, you can check out whatever their brand has to offer as there are likely to be newer and even better mattresses from the same brands in the market, especially the type that suits heavy people.

As an additional tip, you can check out with multiple individuals so you can have more credible information. You can even compare whatever they tell you with the reviews of the same brand or the mattresses when you visit online stores.

Visit Exhibitions

Manufacturers use exhibitions to present their products and services. If there happens to be an exhibition coming up involving manufacturer products, you can go there and have a look. 

As mattress manufacturers present their new mattress products, you’re likely to see, feel, and compare the different types of mattresses. Not to mention that there’s also a possibility that you can land a good deal. Sometimes, you can buy mattresses at a discounted price after the exhibition, which would be a huge saving on your side.


To find the best mattress for heavy people, you can visit physical stores. You can also take advantage of customer assistants to take through the best selection of mattresses in the store. 

Checking online is also a good choice since you can make a cross-comparison of mattress prices among different sellers. You can also use customer reviews and feedback on mattresses as a guide to getting the best mattress dealer or seller. 

It’s easier to make an order if you buy online and your security is guaranteed since most of the mattresses come with a one-month sleeping trial and you can return the mattress for a refund if it fails to meet your needs. 

You can consult with family, friends, and colleagues and that can be helpful too. You can also get good offers in exhibitions.


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