3 Potty Training Methods New Parents Can Try

potty training methods

You love your child, and you love taking care of your child. However, you can’t be blamed if the thought of having to do one more diaper change makes you want to pull your hair out.

Getting your kid accustomed to using the toilet is one of your big duties as a parent during their early years. If you want to truly potty train a toddler, you’ll need patience and a little bit of creativity.

Not every method or approach will work for every child, and it might take a little time to figure out which of the potty training methods will be best for you.

Read on, and we’ll walk you through three methods that might help get your child potty-trained.

1. The Total Focus Method

Lock the doors, cancel your plans, and focus in: this weekend, you’re getting potty-trained. One method that some parents seem to employ frequently is the throw-in-the-deep end approach. If you want immediate results, this method can be the way to go.

How does it work? Cancel all your plans and decide to stay in the house for a three-day time window. Within this time, you will rid your child of their diapers and attempt to get them totally used to the toilet by the end of the long weekend.

That means every time they have to go, you bring them to the toilet. Repetition after repetition, three days in a row. This method means that hopefully, your child will have the full swing of it down by evening on day three, but it also means you might not see the outside world for some time. Not everyone has the flexibility in their lives to make that work.

However, the three-day window is recommended by One Proud Toddler and many other reputable sources, and it’s not wise to try to go shorter.

2. The Casual Approach

If you don’t think the honing-in method is right for your child, you might want to go for a more casual approach. Introduce the idea of proper toilet usage to your kid via videos or books.

Then, leave a portable toilet around in the bathroom or even living room. Encourage your child to use it whenever they want to or are ready. Your kid might be able to take to the process slowly on their own time.

This certainly requires less rigorous attention from you, but it might mean you’ll be cleaning diapers for a bit longer.

3. Reward-Based Method

Everyone knows reinforcing positive behavior is one of the basic tenants of parenthood. However, many parents don’t think about deploying this technique as it relates to the world of potty-training.

Giving your kid a treat or reward every time they properly use the bathroom can help them become attracted to the idea or even seek it out. You can even ask your child to pick out their own reward to help involve them in the process.

The Best Potty Training Methods

If you want to get your kids out of diapers and onto the toilet, the above ideas are some of the best potty training methods out there. Employed properly, your child should be using the toilet in no time.

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