Top 3 Haircut Trends for Men in 2020

best hairstyles for men

In recent years there have been many new hairstyles that people, especially younger men are into. They range from having long tailored haircuts, to more popular fades, blowouts, and the more refined, gentleman’s cut. Even having your beard professionally trimmed and shaped perfectly has become a regular thing to do. With millions of haircuts given around the country its easy to see the top trending cuts, and who gets them.

Let’s take a detailed look at the best cuts from coast to coast.

Surfer Style Haircuts

On the west coast, where surfing is a way of life, most guys choose to have longer hair. These cuts are typically referred to as a “surfer cut” and they aren’t reserved to California. The style is simple and can be custom tailored to anyone’s personal likes. It’s basically just above the shoulder in length and either cut short in the front or worn with longer bangs that can be brushed aside or, to the back.

More east coast cities are seeing surfer cuts become more popular among younger men ages 18-38


In the grand scheme of things, fades are a newer style haircut, made famous by 1980’s rappers and the hip hop phenomenon. They consist of short hair on top half the length of your fingernail or shorter. The bottom portion from the ears down is cut much shorter, very close to the skin, depending on the person’s preferences this can be really short. Then, the tricky part is being able to fade them seamlessly together to form a smooth cut all the way around. Lastly, the best barbers cut perfect lines around the hairline, making it all even and clean shaven, front, side, and back.

If you’re wondering why you need to go to a barbershop instead of a salon the answer is quite simple. A barber is a hair specialist trained to cut hair with clippers which in turn is the main tool to cut men’s hair at Normal Heights Barbershop. A cosmetologists’ training is aimed at catering towards women’s hair.

Fades are popular for barbers in Port St Lucie, and South Florida, because their demographic of clientele want this type of cut year-round. People are typically between 18-45, when getting fades.

The Gentleman’s Cut

Many professional men are getting the gentleman’s cut in 2019, and 2020. This popular haircut provides a clean, business cut that’s appropriate for all occasions. Typically, the gentleman’s cut leaves an inch or more of hair on top, neatly cut, with the sides perfectly trimmed. This is a widely acceptable haircut that is often referred to as business, casual.

The age group of people who prefer the gentleman’s cut are between 30-65, plus.


With literally hundreds of popular haircuts going around these days, its difficult to choose the best fit for your own hair. However, the best haircut is the one that makes you feel good about yourself and promotes your unique individuality. Most barbers can help you decide which haircut will look the best on you. Sometimes you can give something new a try and go outside your comfort zone to experience a different cut, that can transform your life by giving you confidence by making you look your best!


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