Just Because: 6 Simple Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them

tell someone you love them

Does your partner know how much you love them? After being together for a long time, the words themselves may lose their impact. Or, for some, saying those three little words can be scary and intimidating.

Luckily, there are other significant ways you can tell someone you love them.

If your partner prefers physical touch over words of affirmation, then a massage will mean more to them than anything you could say.

Consider how your partner prefers to receive love. Then, read these six simple ways to tell them you love them.

1. Acts of Service

Take a moment to notice all the things your loved one does for the household. If you have children, perhaps they’re doing more of the caretaking than you due to work.

You can show your love by completing acts of service they would appreciate.

For example, taking the kids to school so they can spend a few more minutes in the shower. Filling their car with gas. Making them breakfast.

You could also go big by creating a “stay-cation” for them. For the whole weekend, tell them they’re off the hook. No chores, no cooking, no work; you’ll do it all.

When someone appreciates acts of service, these ideas are better than saying “I love you.” You’re showing them that you recognize all they do and you’re grateful.

By giving them a break from all their regular tasks, they feel loved.

2. Sentimental Gifts

Remember that feeling of waking up on Christmas morning to the presents under the tree? Some of us never lose that excitement and presents are just as exciting today as they were then.

You could get them the new watch they were looking at. Or, you could find a truly meaningful and sentimental gift.

Let’s say the have a close relative that passed away from illness. You could donate to a charity fighting that illness in their name. Or, you could donate a memorial to their lost loved one.

Sentimental gifts could be anything that reminds them of good times. Perhaps something that reminds them of falling in love with you. That could be going to dinner where you had your first date or buying them the cologne you remember they wore back then.

For someone who appreciates receiving gifts, these are great ideas.

Keep in mind, you can also show love by receiving gifts. Even if getting gifts makes you uncomfortable, realize that graciously accepting them is a gift in itself. It can allow your partner to show their love which, in turn, makes them feel loved.

3. Overseas Gestures

How do you show love when your partner is in another city, state, or country? What if they’re on the other side of the world?

At some point, texting “I love you” will feel less romantic than before.

For your overseas beau, consider sending them local gifts or services. If they like flowers, have a local floral company deliver them. Find out more about how easy this gesture is.

You could also arrange for dinner to be delivered to them when you know they’re staying late at the office. Pay for cleaners to come to their house and clean. Send them a reservation to the local spa for a massage.

Just because you’re not there physically doesn’t mean you can’t show your love. You just need to get creative and think outside the box.

4. The Power of Touch

Did you know that hugging can improve your relationship? This type of physical touch causes the body to release oxytocin, also known as the love hormone.

If you’re not a hugger, you may want to work on becoming one.

Simply holding your partner each day can make them feel warm, safe, and loved. Hugs are especially useful after having an argument. They bring you back to your core values and feelings for the other person.

Besides hugs, you can also show physical love through holding hands, massages, intimacy, and kissing. Even putting your hand on their leg while you drive is a sweet sign of love.

Of course, keep in mind that this might not be as appealing to someone who doesn’t like to receive love in this way. If you aren’t a touchy person but your partner is, letting them hug you more is a way you can show love.

5. Create Future Plans

Do you want to grow old with your partner? Do you want to live together, raise a family, and enjoy life together? Say so!

You can show your love by creating plans for the future.

Even if you’re just dating and don’t live together, plans can show how much you care. Simply talking about a fun day-trip you want to take with them next summer works. It shows you plan on being committed to them for the long run.

If you’re in a more serious relationship, discuss marriage and moving in. Talk about your goals for your life and how they could match up with your partner’s goals.

6. Be Easy to Love

This might be one of the trickiest ways to show love, but it’s effective. Be easy to love so that your partner doesn’t have to work as hard.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Let them be right sometimes even if you know they’re wrong
  • Listen to their problems without giving solutions unless requested
  • Brag about them to others
  • Take care of your physical appearance

Work on becoming a more caring, confident, and committed person. These traits will allow your partner to feel safe in the relationship and fall deeper in love with you.

Want More Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them?

We all express and receive love differently. It’s your job to understand how your partner prefers to receive love and how you naturally express it.

Use the ideas above on simple ways to tell someone you love them. There are so many creative ways besides just saying the words.

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