Inspiring Bucket List Ideas for the Terminally Ill

Inspiring Bucket List Ideas for the Terminally

It’s common for people to work on a bucket list slowly over the years, marking off their life’s accomplishments. Being diagnosed with a terminal illness it may prompt you to reevaluate your bucket list and prioritize its completion. One way to finance this is by selling your life insurance policy through a viatical company. This enables you to have money now to do the things that matter to you in the time you have left. You can also expand your bucket list to include things you hadn’t thought of before, and if you don’t have a bucket list it isn’t too late to create one.

Go To The Theatre

Pick up London Theatre Tickets and take in live productions. Splurge and get the best seats you can. Seeing actors perform from just a few feet away offers an immediacy that movies and television lack. You also get to have a unique shared experience with the rest of the audience.

Visit The Beach

visit the Beach

A trip to the beach can reduce stress. You can also pick a beach that’s suited to your preferences. Beaches come in all shapes and sizes. Some are busy and offer entertainment. Others are quieter and have more wildlife. Some have white sand and others have rocky coastlines. Pick one that suits your preferences and take some time to relax by the water.

See Something Historic

You may have once dreamed of going to the pyramids or Machu Picchu. This is a great addition to any bucket list. It can be inspiring to set foot where people once thrived thousands of years ago and know that they have left a legacy that survives to this day.

Relive The Past

relive the past

Make a list of your fondest memories from your youth. Revisit the places and people who were part of those events. When possible, recreate them. Go rollerskating with friends. Take another white water rafting trip. Spend some time at a favorite campground. This is a great way to create some new memories while revisiting some special places and people you’ve enjoyed.

Reinvent Yourself

Try a new hairstyle or get your hair dyed or streaked. Whether you opt for something permanent or have your hair done for a special event, it will make you feel fresh and bold. Studies have shown that there are mental health benefits from getting your hair done.

Make A Difference

make a Difference

Work and life can interfere with our other interests at times. If you’ve always been concerned about the environment or another cause you can take time to fight for positive change. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity or volunteer at a nature reserve. Join a protest. It can be invigorating to know you can make a positive change for others.

Write A Book

Write a memoir for your family and publish just enough copies to ensure they each have one. If you’re a family history buff you may want to document as much of your family history as you can to pass on. You might have an idea for a story that you’ve always wanted to tell. This can be something unique and personal you can leave to your loved ones or share with the world.



Think about the places you’ve always dreamed of seeing. Drive across the country. Visit the Grand Canyon. Fly to Hawaii. Take a cruise. Travel overseas and visit famous sites, such as the Sistine Chapel. Immerse yourself in nature with a trip to the rainforests of Costa Rica. Take the time to see parts of the world.

Plan A Celebration

Plan A Celebration

Hire a favorite band to perform. Pay for a team of professional actors to put on a show. Rent a private viewing of a Cirque du Soleil show. You can opt to plan a celebration before or after you pass. This can be a great way to create a lasting memory for the people you’re closest to.


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