Say “I Do” Like the Rich and Famous: Luxury Wedding Ideas of the Elite

Luxury Wedding Ideas of the Elite

Your wedding should be the perfect day to commit yourself to the man or woman of your dreams. It’s also a day that should go down on your Instagram as a luxurious event that people talk about for weeks (or months) to come.

Don’t settle for a basic wedding that gets the job done. Make your special day a Pinterest-worthy event that others hope to one day recreate for themselves! Check out these luxury wedding ideas for inspiration.

Over-the-Top Invitations

Before guests arrive at your event, make sure they know what’s in store! Your luxury wedding can begin before the date you set to say, “I do!” In addition to your online engagement invitations, choose paper invitations to your wedding that give the look and feel of luxury weddings. Marbled paper, gold accents, and gilded calligraphy set an extravagant tone for your nuptials!

Luxurious Location

You don’t have to get married in your home town. For true wedding luxury, choose an exotic location that sets the stage you want for your exquisite event. From Coco Prive (an island in the Maldives) to the New York Public Library, your wedding guests are sure to be impressed with a wedding at a five-star location with all the bells and whistles.

Glam Gowns

While you never want your bridesmaids to upstage you, there’s no reason your bridesmaids can’t set the bar for glamourous bridesmaids gowns. Make sure your bridesmaids have plenty of bling with sequins, glitter, and the right mix of jewels for the occasion.

Win With Wedding Favors

Send your guests home with an impressive token of your appreciation and something they’ll treasure when remembering your luxurious wedding. Spare no expense for your female guests with an engraved bracelet or a pashmina. For the men, some tasteful cuff links or a commemorative wedding coin.

Arrive in Style

Never keep your guests waiting, but don’t feel like you have to show up in an average car or even a horse-drawn carriage. A limo might cost a bit more than your dad’s car, but it can be too common for a genuinely luxurious wedding.

Rent a helicopter or drop down from the sky to your venue in a hot air balloon. Your guests will be in awe of your creativity and the splashy entrance to kick off your luxury wedding.

luxury wedding

Dress to Impress

Both the bride and groom can dress to impress and add luxury to your wedding gown and groom’s tux. Choose exquisite details from well-known designers and create a one-of-a-kind wedding look for both of you. Carry the formality of the event over to your guests and encourage them to arrive in evening gowns and formal wear for the ceremony and reception!

Everyone Will Be Talking About Your Luxury Wedding!

If everyone isn’t talking about your luxury wedding, did you even get married? From the location to the decorations and your attire, make sure it’s a glamourous day that no one forgets!

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