Engagement Party Planning: The Best Hip Hop Love Songs for Your Playlist

hip hop love songs

December is the most popular month to get engaged in; it far surpasses all other times of the year! Considering Christmas is a time when everyone gathers around, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular time to pop the question.

Maybe you’ve just gotten engaged this past Christmas, and now you’re planning out all the details for your upcoming nuptials. One event you’re having soon is your engagement party!

While you’re good on all the other details for it, perhaps you’re stumped on what music to play.

To help you out, below are some great hip hop love songs you can add to your engagement party playlist.

Drake: Best I Ever Had

So you’ve sent out your free engagement invitations; what now?

The next step is to add this amazing song by Drake onto your iPod.

“Best I Ever Had” first came out on in 2009, and a decade later, it still sweeps people off their feet. Show your bride-to-be (and all your guests) how special she is to you by popping this song on your engagement party playlist. It’s guaranteed to get at least a few “aww!” reactions from everyone.

Method Man: I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need to Get By

This song is also a classic. It came out in 1995 and features Mary J. Blige.

If you don’t want your playlist to be dominated by ballads and lovey-dovey songs, this is a great one to add. It has more of a dance feel to it, which means you and your guests can get down on the dancefloor while still enjoying a hip hop love song.

LL Cool J: I Need Love

This 1987 hip hop love ballad can give everybody a blast to the past. The beat’s at a moderate enough tempo that you can decide to either bust out your best dance moves or cozy up to your fiance and slow dance to the song.

As you can tell by the title, the lyrics to this song show just how much the two of you need one another.

Snoop Dogg: Beautiful

We can’t have a hip hop love song list without including Snoop Dogg!

“Beautiful” was released in 2002 and features Pharrell Williams, whose smooth voice will please everyone. This is another song where its lyrics show how much you love and appreciate your bride-to-be.

Plus, it has a quick enough beat that everyone can have a good time dancing to it.

Use These Hip Hop Love Songs for Your Engagement Party

Now that you have these hip hop love songs on your radar, you can put some amazing songs on your playlist. So long as all your guests love hip hop and its subgenres like lofi and trap, then they’ll certainly enjoy all the tunes during their time with you.

So get to downloading these songs and adding them on your iPod. Everyone will be impressed with what an excellent DIY DIJ you are!

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