How to Remove a Tree You Don’t Want From Your Front Yard

how to remove a tree

Trees provide a lot of benefits to our homes, property, and community.

The sad reality is that these stately plants do eventually become sick, die, and even pose threats to our infrastructure. If you have ever had a tree fall on a power line near your house, you have experienced this.

If you have a tree that is in poor condition, or a terrible spot, you likely want to remove it. How to remove a tree is something that can require a great deal of effort. Professional services provide tree cutting and tree removal services to much of the country.

The first step to removing a tree involves knowing why the tree is being removed. If the tree is tangled up in a power line or has grown to your foundation, the removal will not be easy. In those cases, you will be better off hiring a tree service.

The second step is to determine whether or not you have a large or a small tree.

Small vs Large Trees

How to cut down a small tree can be as simple as using a chainsaw parts or shears. If there is no threat from the small tree falling, it can be taken down quite easily. If the tree is larger, then you will have more concerns about safety and location.

Large trees can be very heavy. A falling tree can kill or cause significant injury. Large trees can also pose a threat to your home. When they fall on a wall or the roof, they can even knock down or destroy sections of your house.

Using proper equipment and techniques to remove a tree and predict the path it will take when falling is important. If you don’t have the knowledge or tools for such a job, you should look into cheap tree removal.

With larger trees, a business such as Sergio’s Lawn Service can help get the tree out safely. You don’t want to risk your home or the homes of your neighbors. Knocking out a power line can also cause expensive damage to your home, and the power company may bill you for any repairs.

How to remove a tree is, therefore, not a question that can be fitted with a one-size-fits-all answer.

How Expensive Is Tree Removal

The average cost to remove a tree can range from $400 to $2,000. This large variance in the average tree removal cost is due to the conditions around the property the tree is being removed in. The more gear and equipment a job requires, the more risk involved, the higher the expense will be.

Safe Tree Removal

For a lot of the trees you will encounter, the answer is easy. In most cases, how to remove a tree is simple and easy. You simply cut down and haul away the tree. You can use the trunk for firewood, or even sell it.

If you have a large tree, do your research. The risk involved with cutting down a large tree means that you need to be fully aware and prepared. Anything less, and you could end up seriously hurting yourself or even destroying your home.

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