Why Self-Care Is an Important Topic In 2020

Self Care

Self-care or self-love eludes many people since most individuals perceive it as selfishness. The reverse is true because if you do not take care of yourself, you are selfish to yourself and those you love. There is a saying that goes, “you must help yourself before you can help others.” That is what self-care is all about. Taking care of yourself so that you can be the best for you! Also, as Better Tools stated in their article. It’s not selfish and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t prioritizing your loved ones.

Having the right physical and mental health involves being kind to yourself before extending kindness to others. So, how do you practice self-care in 2020? Here is a guide to get you started, and you will be thanking yourself for having taken the right step.

1)            Get a Massage

Long hours of sitting, walking, talking, or working causes tension in the body and stresses you out over time. Stress leads to the release of high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which causes several problems. Sleeplessness, weight gain, headaches, and digestive issues are bound to happen if you have too much stress.

A massage comes as your number one remedy as it helps relieve the stress and the tension. A massage relaxes your tired muscles as it helps release endorphins, pain-relieving hormones, thus helps in pain management and calming of nerves. Blissful Relaxation will hook you up with a soothing massage, spas, pampering, and some much-needed relaxation right at your home.

You can opt to have a specific part massaged, such as feet, shoulders, neck, back, and hands. A good massage can help you remedy lower back pain, headaches, painful or swollen feet without the need to take medicine or see a doctor. You can get massage and spa equipment for home use that can help you take care of your body in your house.

2)            Practice Healthy Living

Self-care is incomplete without a healthy lifestyle, and it entails a couple of things. You can start eating the right foods such as food rich in fiber, more fruits and vegetables, and reducing high carbohydrates. Instead of alcohol, you can increase the amount of water you drink. Keeping off drugs can keep your body functioning well for a long time.

Getting enough sleep is also essential for your body and brain to function right. Going to see your doctor needs not to be only when you are sick. Regular medical check-ups can help you keep your body healthy.

3)            Personal Hygiene

Taking a bath at least once a day, washing your hands regularly, and grooming yourself is the best self-care. You not only keep infections at bay but also portray a good impression on others.

If you show up at work or school looking unkempt, chances are people will avoid your company. Rejection by peers causes self-esteem to go down, causing you to develop problems that can make you sick.

4)            Do Something You Love

Daily activities tend to consume time, leaving you with no space for doing what you enjoy. If you wait for the appropriate time to do what you love, then prepare for a long stressful wait. There will be no time for you to enjoy if you do not create it for yourself.

You can start by waking up early and allocating an hour to do what you enjoy. An hour before bedtime or during an afternoon break can be an appropriate time too. You can read a favorite book, watch a movie, take a nature walk, write, draw, swim, or perform any other activity that brightens your day.


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