How to Freshen Up Your Look for 2020

Freshen Up Your Look

Most people make some sort of New Year’s resolution before the ball drops at midnight. They want to eat better, get a promotion or change careers, improve physically or financially, and a thousand other things. Talking about change is easy, but actually making a change can be the hard part. So, how do we start making real changes in our lives to live up to our resolutions?

One of the ways in which many want to change for 2020 is in how they look. Whether single and trying to attract dates or if you just want to be treated with more respect and feel better about yourself, improving your look is a good way to go. Let’s talk about how you can get that done.

5 Ways to Tweak Your Look for the New Year
Let’s go over five ways that you can make a few small changes to entirely freshen up your look for 2020. 

1: Get into Shape
Many people’s New Year’s resolution involves losing weight or a few inches around the waist. Getting into better shape can not only help you fit into those jeans in the back of your closet, but it’ll also help you feel better! You’ll have more energy to go out on adventures, and you’ll look great doing it. 

2: Fix That Hair
Hair can either make or break an outfit. It’s an important part of fashion sense. Knowing when to curl your hair, what style looks best on you, or when to throw it up in a messy bun is just as important as an outfit! So, when talking about freshening up your look, your hair deserves a mention. Natural human hair wigs are a great way to go, as you can easily change styles, get more length and volume, change your hair color, without making any permanent changes. It’s a much easier way to go than getting a new haircut and using expensive hair care products, so it’s something you might want to consider for 2020 and that new-look you. 

3: It’s the Shoes
Yes, people are looking at your shoes. Stepping out in your favorite pair of shoes can not only boost your confidence but can also turn heads. They stand out. A new pair of shoes is very noticeable, but the right pair of shoes can help you transform your look entirely. Imagine a pair of fresh patent leather shoes instead of those old sneakers you’ve been wearing for decades. Or imagine a fresh, new pair of designer heels that really stand out. We’re talking about freshening up your look here, so shoes are a great way to upgrade. 

4: Dress to Impress
A lot of people claim that clothes make the man or the woman; and while that might be highly contested overall, it’s absolutely, objectively true when it comes to freshening up your look. When discussing freshening up your look, we can’t skip over what you’re wearing! Check out what’s trending in fashion! You can shop for, or even thrift, new sweaters, suits, dresses, fashionable jeans, and anything else you can think of. You can make a huge difference in your look by changing out your wardrobe. 

5: Accessorize, Please
Accessories really stand out on your person and make a huge statement. We’re not talking about going out and purchasing something giant and shiny, you can go as simple or extravagant as your fashion sense calls for. A new watch can really draw some attention and make you look a lot fresher and cleaner. You can even consider a stylish ribbon or headband, or even something like a fresh, new purse that really pops and stands out. Don’t be afraid to spruce up your style with accessories! 

In Conclusion
There are quite a few ways you can change your look for 2020. You can go with minor changes, larger changes, or a complete overhaul of how you look. It’s really up to you! Just know that a few simple changes made can definitely help you freshen up your look and revitalize your confidence and social standing.

You can start with a few quick changes to see how you like it. Make these small changes to freshen up and work from there.


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