How to Experience All of Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

If you’re planning out your Southern Utah adventures, one location you cannot miss out on is Bryce Canyon, National Park. This incredible location holds the largest concentration of hoodoo formations in the world and receives 2.6 million visitors per year, proving to be an absolute must-see for anyone seeking adventure. Take a look at our top tips for your trip to Bryce Canyon National Park!

Start Your Day Early

Start Your Day Early

We promise that you won’t regret waking up early and getting to the park first thing in the morning. Whether you’re driving yourself or taking a shuttle to Bryce Canyon, we guarantee that getting an early start will be worth it. Not only will you be more likely to beat the crowds, but you’re sure to see a spectacular sunrise over the park. A great start to your day is a stop at Inspiration Point. Providing a breathtaking panoramic scene, you’ll have a perfect view of the winding trails, vibrant colors, and other-worldly hoodoos.

Trekking Through the Park

Trekking the Park

Once you’ve caught your breath from the incredible view at Inspiration Point, make your way down into the natural amphitheater to start your day of hiking and exploring. One of the most popular trails in the park is the Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop Trail, a 2.6-mile hike that provides an incredible experience and a good chance of seeing some of the wildlife that resides in the park. This is a family-friendly hike and the perfect option if you’re crunched for time but still want to see the sights of Bryce Canyon.

If you’re looking for another adventure to embark on during your time in the park, consider taking on the Peekaboo Loop Trail! Listed as a strenuous hike due to its extreme changes in elevation, we promise that it will be totally worth it for the spectacular views you’ll find along the way. It is 5.3 miles round-trip and easily connects to the Navajo Loop Trail if desired.

Take a Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive

After your day of hiking in the park, it’s time to hit the road. Take the scenic route to see the rest of the sites of Bryce Canyon. The 18 mile-long Bryce Canyon National Park Scenic Drive has 13 viewpoints with incredible vistas that you don’t want to miss. Some of our favorite viewpoints are Natural Bridge (pictured above), Paria Viewpoint and Sunset Point. We recommend you stop at all of them, but if you’re short on time, don’t miss these spectacular stops!

Time to Plan Your Adventure

As you get ready for your time in Bryce Canyon National Park, be sure to consider some of our all-time favorite Bryce Canyon activities. This is truly a location that provides adventures and views that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, and we are confident that you will have incredible experiences and make meaningful memories during your time in this magical national park.


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