Preflight inspection checklist: get this at the right time for safety while travelling in air


Before the flight takes off, the entire crew member’s team along with the pilots needs to undertake certain cautionary activities. Failing any one of those can become risky for the flight boarder. Also, it will be inconvenient for the pilot to take the flight off. The preflight inspection checklist is the list of activities that is performed by the pilot and the crews before the flight takes off. While doing this the safety of the flight is insured. It is done to check repeatedly on whether any important activity is missed out. 

There are various areas on and around the flight where the inspection must take place. We are going to discuss all of them in details right in this content.

Cabin inspection

Pre-flight check list

  1. Windshield and window

The pilot is the most responsible person on whom the lives of all the passengers boarding the aeroplane depend. A single wrong step will be a curse to entire flight. Thus, the place where the pilot sits to fly the aeroplane must be checked properly. The windshield must be cleaned properly so that the pilot can view the outside of the sky while flying. Also, there must be no cracks in the windows.

2. Lights 

Whether there are enough lights inside the cabin area of the aeroplane is an important factor. Especially the dashboard must be properly lit. Every apparatus must be visible to the pilot as well as the co-pilot in the front side cabin of the aircraft. If that is not done, the pilot may have some difficulties while flying the flight. As a result accident may happen.

3. Switches and controls checked

Flying an aircraft is not an easy task. There is wide number of switches as well as the controls which the pilots need to handles for the safe flight. Thus, before the flight takes off, the pre flight inspection checklist must include checking whether all the switches as well as the controls have proper position and are in an operational state.

4. ATF check

Just like a car needs petrol for running, the aircraft has a different type of fuel. It is known as Air turbine Fuel or ATF. Whether the fuel inside the aircraft is in an appropriate level is appropriate for the flight take off is an important concern.  That must be checked before the flight takes off. If the fuel quantity is less, there will be trouble in the flight.

5.  Paperwork

There are certain documents and the paperwork which the team of crews inside the air must be undertake. Thus, it is important to check whether everything is correct or not. If the paperwork is not complete, the flight won’t be in a position to take off.

Perfect fit of cabin doors

It is important to check all the doors of the air craft. If the doors do not fit well and closes before the flight takes off, the flight cannot take off. (Viagra) Also, it is important to check whether the doors open well. Whether the doors can be opened and closed easily or is there any rustic feel within the door is an important determinant.

Exterior inspection


  1. Landing gear

The inspection of the landing gear is an important consideration and falls absolutely within the pre flight inspection checklist. The checks must be undertaken with regards to the cleanliness, cracks as well as corrosion.

2. Nose

This section will include the inspection of the landing light, spinner, propeller, windshield, gear strut, switches, etc.  It will be really to get up on the aircraft which do not have all these areas checked. 

3. Engine inspection

Just like other vehicles, the aircraft also have the engine. The thorough check-up of the engine is an important factor. If there is any falter of the engine the entire operation of the aircraft will be struck. Thus, the parts such as fan blades, structural hardware, de-contamination as well as de-icing are the portion that needs to be mended soon.  

4. Left wing inspection

The wing in the proper status is an important consideration. The areas such as wing tie-down, fuel vent, main tire/ brake, etc are the important elements that are connected to the proper operation of the aircraft. The leading and trailing edges are again an important part to be considered. 

5. Security of baggage

Another important element to be considered is the baggage section. There is a door under which all the baggage is placed. In this connection, it is important to find out whether the baggage door is securely locked. If that is not locked, there is a chance that it will fall. 

6. Tire pressure

The exterior inspection of the aircraft also includes the check-in the pressure of the tire. Whether the thread ware is in a good position is again an important fact to consider. 

7. Right wing

Along with the left-wing, it is also important to consider the right-wing. The vital places where the entire team and the crew needs to be cautious are wing tie-down, main tire, flap aileron, fuel vent, leading edges, brake, etc. 

8. Empannage / tail section

Another vital place where you need to consider is the tail section/ Empannage, rudder, tail tie-down, etc are the portions that need to be considered. The portion of the vertical stabilizer is another important part where the safety must be in a go. 

9. Fuselage or body 

If there is a problem with the missing antennae, dents, etc within the aircraft, the same needs to be mended immediately before the flight takes off.  It is important to remove the bird dropping if any and ice that might have been accumulated or fell over the body of the aircraft.

The particular list of preflight inspection checklist is very important to find out before the flight has decided to take off.  The good list and the detail are provided above to have a check on the aircraft’s body. Once all these are done, your mind will be incomplete ease while traveling.

Courtesy of National Aero Stands





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