Best CBD Dog Treats: That Worth Your Money

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Dogs are great companions to have. These four-legged canine friends make great pets. However, they also fall sick from time to time. This could be a result of old age, injuries, or an underlying disease. It’s common to see people take their pets to vets. But did you know you can use alternative medicine to treat your pet? Well, cannabidiol (CBD) is an effective source of alternative medicine. The natural extract can help treat several types of diseases in dogs. Below is an overview of the best CBD dog treats and their effectiveness. 

What are CBD and CBD Dog Treats in a Nutshell?

CBD is an organic compound that’s found in the cannabis plant. The non-psychoactive compound has several beneficial properties that make it effective. They include anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-cancerous, and anti-emetic among others. This organic chemical compound can be effective in treating your pet. There are good dog treats with CBD content suitable for improving your pet’s overall wellness.

CBD Dog Treats Vs CBD Oil Which One Is Better?

Between dog treats and oil, which one is better for your dog? Well, both of them contain CBD as the basic ingredient. So, they have the same side effects on the body. You can use them to treat digestive discomfort, inflammation, and anxiety among other things.

However, the best dog treats are usually more beneficial to use. For starters, CBD pet treats usually come in the pre-dosed form. So, you can give them to your dog once or twice daily without worrying about the dosage. On the other hand, you have to make estimates when using CBD oil. This is because it’s not possible to determine the dosage for oil drops.

Overall, treats provide a fantastic way to easily give your pet CBD hemp oil. They come in sweet and tasty flavors hence your pet won’t feel like they’re taking medication. Because they normally undergo the digestive process, their effects tend to last longer.

Top Five CBD Dog Treats To Buy In 2020

CBD treats provide an effective way of giving your canine friends cannabidiol. They normally come in multiple flavors to cater to the different needs of your pet. Although there is a broad range of CBD treats in the market, the top five include:

Fab CBD Dog Treats

These are among the best dog treats. Fab CBD hemp for dogs are crunchy edibles that your pet will definitely love to savor. The good dog treats simply make snack time for your furry friend an enjoyable activity. This is because the delicious treats come in 3 formulas and flavors.

Fab CBD pet treats come in flavors such as Calm and Cool peanut butter apple. Besides that, there is the Skin and Coat chicken flavor as well as Active Immune salmon flavor. The THC-free products usually contain 3 mg of CBD in each treat. They are, therefore, highly potent and effective in treating several health issues.

Key Features

  • The treats are made with proprietary ingredients
  • The broad-spectrum hemp extract contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes. 
  • Soy, dairy and THC free


  • They are delicious crunchy treats
  • The THC-free treats help to improve overall wellness.


  • Quite pricey
  • Not easy to find the products due to high demand.


These are among the top CBD products in the market. MediPets CBD Dog treats feature more than 4 mg of CBD per treat. This is a high level of concentration that makes the treats effective in easing pain. It should be noted that these treats can perfectly fit into your dog’s routine and diet plan. They are tasty treats that are flavored with chicken and beef and infused with industrial CBD hemp oil.

You can safely make your dog happy and relaxed with these treats. MediPets CBD Dog Treats provide you with a convenient way to add quality CBD into your dog’s wellness routine. Even to the pickiest dogs, these edibles are delicious enough and, therefore, easy to administer. Note that MediPets CBD dog treats are suitable for intermittent supplemental feeding.

Key Features

  • Should be given as a supplement.
  • They come in beef and chicken flavors.
  • The treats are great in relieving pain.


  • Highly potent treats that are suitable for large dogs.
  • The organic hemp extract is quite effective.
  • The treats help to improve appetite, increase activity, and promote comfort.


  • These CBD treats are quite expensive
  • The effects are not long-lasting

HempMy Pet Organic Dog Biscuits

HempMy Pet Organic Dog Biscuits are quality supplements that can help to improve your dog’s overall health. The cruelty-free and GMO-Free formula contains organic ingredients from full-spectrum hemp extract. As a result, the biscuits are effective in treating a myriad of diseases.

It should be noted that these biscuits are normally handmade. So, they are usually fresh, tasty, and your canine friend will definitely love eating them. With quality human-grade ingredients, HempMyPet biscuits deliver outstanding results within minutes.

With their appetizing aroma, giving them to your pets will be easy. The manufacturer uses mint and parsley to give these edibles a rich taste. The extracts used to make these biscuits are tested through a 3rd-party hence they’re safe.

Key Features

  • The treats are easy to administer.
  • The mint and parsley give it an amazing taste.
  • They’re handmade to preserve their quality.


  • The full-spectrum CBD biscuits are highly effective in easing pain.
  • They are handmade to ensure that their quality is preserved.


  • They can make your dog gain weight rapidly.

Honest Paws CBD Treats

Honest Paws CBD Treats are among the best in the market. These edibles are usually made with premium organic ingredients. The sweet edibles come in multiple flavors that are extremely delicious and they always leave pups wagging their tails. This includes peanut butter, pumpkin spice, creamy coconut, and turmeric flavor. Made with the CO2 extraction method, the edibles are also pre-dosed to promote convenience.

Key Features

  • Premium-grade hemp CBD.
  • The treats come in delicious peanut butter flavor.
  • Pre-dosed to make dosing easy.


  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Soy and GMO-Free edibles.
  • Independent lab tests


  • There is no mention on their website about the use of organic hemp.

Holistic Hound

These are the best CBD pet treats for dogs suffering from anxiety. Besides that, Holistic Hound products also provide pain relief. The all-natural and non-psychoactive edibles will simply make your pet love them. 

Anxiety and pain may make your dog dull. As a result, your pet may fail to eat, move, and even sleep. However, giving your dog CBD treats can help to easily anxiety. These edibles provide the body with calming effects. The products will quickly make your dog get back to its feet and go back to their usual routine.

Key Features

  • Designed to help treat anxiety in dogs.
  • The edibles are all-natural and non-psychoactive
  • Chemical-free


  • It helps to effectively treat anxiety.
  • The products will quickly help your pet get back to its feet.


  • May sometimes cause digestive issues. 

How You Can Buy CBD Dog Treats Online

Do you want to buy CBD oil online? Well, there are a number of retail outlets that you can buy these products. But if you want to buy CBD dog treats online, then you must first to market research. You need to carefully sample and analyze different products. This is how you will find a product that suits your needs. From there you can go and place your order on the manufacturer’s website. It should be noted that the right place to buy CBD oil online is directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Legal Aspects to Consider 

At the moment, you will find CBD hemp oil nearly everywhere. There is a wide range of various hemp oil products in the market. But is it illegal to buy these products? Well, according to the 2018 Farm Bill, sale and production of hemp oil and its extracts are all legal. Hemp products are legal because they have less than hemp 0.3 percent THC. So, you can buy CBD pet treats anywhere without a prescription.

However, any product that has more than 0.3 percent THC been categorized as marijuana. Therefore, it’s classified as a schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration. These products are usually illegal federally. 

Generally, if the CBD pet treats come from the hemp plant and has less than 0.3 percent THC, then they’re legal federally. However, different states have different laws regarding the selling or production of CBD. So, make sure that you familiarize yourself with your state laws

The Bottom Line

Pets like dogs get sick from time to time. So, they need proper care which includes finding the right medication. CBD dog treats provide an effective way of improving your dog’s overall wellness. The organic compound can be infused in dog treats for easier administrations. But as much as CBD pet treats are effective, it’s important to exercise caution. They sometimes interact with certain medications or cause allergic reactions. So, make sure that you consult with your vet first.


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