5 Warning Signs That a Nursing Home Is Neglecting Your Family Member


If your elderly loved one is in a nursing home, you may consider yourself to be lucky to have found a place for them. After all, despite the large boomer population, nursing home beds have decreased by 9% in recent years. It’s easy to count your blessings when you know the facts.

Still, getting a nursing home is only half the battle in doing what’s right by your loved one. Nursing home neglect is a huge issue, and it’s crucial that you do all you can to ensure that this isn’t an issue for your loved one.

Read on to learn 5 signs that a nursing home is neglecting your loved one so you can take preventative measures to combat this potential issue.

1. They Say The Home Is Neglecting Them

It should be obvious to listen when someone says that something amiss is taking place, but the complaints of elderly loved ones often are dismissed by younger people. This is often because of mental illness and memory loss. No matter what’s going on with your loved one, though, it’s crucial that you listen to their concerns.

The need to take them seriously is especially important when it comes to their health. Investigate what’s going on and then find out more about the legal avenues you can take if necessary.

2. Their Social Needs Never Seem to Be Met

If your elderly loved one seems to lack social time, it’s a sign that neglect may be taking place. In a good nursing home, these needs will be immediately met by nurses or other patients at various events. If your loved one talks to you as if you’re the only person they’ve spoken to in a length of time, it may be time to check out what’s happening behind the scenes.

3. Their Room Is Dirty

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities pride themselves on cleanliness and giving residents a high quality of life. If you notice that your loved one’s room is dirty when you go for visits, you may want to ask a nurse why the mess hasn’t been taken care of. This is especially the case when you go for surprise visits- homes may only clean when they know guests will be there.

4. They’re Forgetting More Than Normal

Lots of nursing homes are sorely lacking in social workers, but that doesn’t mean that your loved one shouldn’t be getting any professional help. This is especially the case for those with dementia or other memory issues. While problems with memory are common in the elderly, look for rapid decreases in both short and long-term memory. This could be a sign of social neglect.

5. Their Health Deteriorates Rapidly

Speaking of rapid deterioration, keep an eye out for sharp declines in the health of your loved one. While illness is always possible, frequent colds could be a sign of uncleanliness and lung or heart issues could stem from nurses not giving your loved one medication.

Find Out More About Nursing Home Neglect

While nursing home neglect is a prevalent issue in America, there are ways you can know whether or not it’s affecting a loved one and help to fight against it.

Now that you know how to spot if a nursing home is neglecting a loved one, it’s time to get more tips to ensure that both you and your elderly loved ones are living life to the fullest. Check out the ‘lifestyle’ tab on our page to get some pointers!


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