University of Washington Professors Reveal Secrets For Passing Exams


Passing an exam is one the biggest challenges students face in the course of studies. Even when they feel confident, being nervous during an exam may get in the way. Here are a few tips from professors at the University of Washington that will help you ace your next exam. Due to their vast experience in teaching and grading such assignments as the University of Washington essay, their advice will really come in handy. This way, you will be able to ace your exams, as well as learn something useful that will help deal with the task of writing the University of Washington essay or answering UW essay prompts in a more unconventional way. The most useful tips from professors include:

  • Create brain space

No matter how much you want to study the day before the exam, don’t do it. Instead, use this opportunity to collect your thoughts and get ready for the exam emotionally and psychologically. What should be highlighted in this respect is that this technique also works when you are getting ready for an interview for one of those University of Washington jobs or are working on the task of writing the University of Washington essay. The most significant thing is to start working on the assignment beforehand and to allocate some time to collect your thoughts before an important event. 

  • Make a study plan

Allocate two to three hours a day to memorize all materials and topics you have covered during the term instead of cramming for the exams. Another great idea to take into account is to study with somebody. This way, you can help each other out. This strategy will also work when you are gathering material for the University of Washington essay, getting ready for interviews to get one of that well-paid University of Washington jobs or trying to find an unconventional approach to answer UC essay prompts. Having enough time to think about how you are going to deal with the assignment of writing the University of Washington supplemental essay or George Washington essay can be really beneficial as you might come with some really unconventional idea. 

  • Set your pace

Once the exam starts, try not to panic. Set your own pace and move from one task to another, from one question to the next one comfortably. Try not to think about the time left, or how others are dealing with it. Relax and get down to work. Passing exams is much more stressful than dealing with the University of Washington essay prompts as you have less time, and you are supposed to demonstrate excellent results. What is more, there is a very high chance you won’t be able to continue your studies if you fail a lot of exams. However, you should not think about that during the exam as panicking won’t do you any good. 

  • Allocate a day to review everything

So, the exam is tomorrow. It is time for you to understand that you won’t learn anything new no matter how hard you try. What is more, by now there isn’t much you can do: if you have not memorized some information, let it go and relax. It is time to focus on reviewing the materials you have covered, as well as the topics you understand. So, your main goal should be to concentrate on what you have learned by now. Refresh all that knowledge in your head and revise what you already know. 

One of the best pieces of advice in this respect is to create summary sheets while you are getting ready for the exam and to revise all necessary exam information using those sheets. This way, you will be able to recall key details easily. Apart from that, don’t forget that self-testing helps you refresh your memory as well. Come up with a few tests to see how much you remember. Having done that, you will be more certain that you have acquired all the necessary knowledge to pass this exam, no matter how unreal the whole thing seems at the moment. All in all, the key aspect is to get down to the revision process as early as possible. 


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