It’s good for the soul – this, and 4 other reasons why travelling is good for you


Traveling is good for you. It’s a fact. Although the idea of cramming your life into a rucksack and sleeping in hostels for three months doesn’t appeal to everyone, there are many different kinds of traveling and equally many different kinds of travelers. Whether you want to barter with sellers in the markets of Istanbul or you prefer to travel along some of the world’s most famous highways and get some much-needed rest and relaxation in a beautiful hotel or two, traveling – of all kinds, is good for you. 

Here we’ll look at 4 reasons why traveling is good for you, and why you should do more of it in 2020.

You can discover other cultures 

How can you ever understand someone else’s perspective if you’ve only ever known your own? Discovering and immersing yourself within a new and exciting culture is certainly one of the draws of traveling. Again, exposure to different cultures comes in many forms, from the beauty and awe-inspiring performances of the Rome opera – for opera tickets click here – to living with local families in Thailand and experiencing their day to day life. When you immerse yourself in a different culture, you become a more tolerant and understanding person. Travelling allows you to challenge your own preconceived opinions and judgments, again making you more tolerant and knowledgeable. 

It’s good for your health

Physically speaking, traveling is good for your overall health. You’re mobile, walking thousands of extra steps a day, you’re getting up from your chair and leaving your desk behind and all the while lowering your stress levels and blood pressure. In addition, if you’re feeling low or struggling with anxiety or even depression then traveling may give you the boost you’ve been looking for. Speak to your GP. 

It tests your relationships

Travelling has a great way of highlighting the toxic people in your life and illuminating those who have your best interests at heart. You don’t have to travel with your family or friends in tow to know whether or not they support your traveling choices. If someone takes pleasure in telling you your traveling dreams aren’t realistic then you simply don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. In addition, if you are traveling with a friend or partner, then hitting the road is the ultimate relationship test. It will either make your bonds stronger or simply break them beyond repair! 

It helps you to appreciate things

If you’re traveling from hostel to hostel for several months, then you’ll soon appreciate your own bedroom back home, as well as the privacy that goes with it! Traveling helps you create stronger relationships with the things you leave behind, whether that’s your favorite pillow or the family dog. In addition, if you’re traveling through a particularly poor country or somewhere that has been affected by conflict, then it will certainly put things into perspective.  

So, what are you waiting for? Where would you like to travel to first? 


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