How to return passion in relationship

How to return passion in relationship

Why does passion pass? How to add sharpness and brightness to a romantic relationship? Is it possible to bring back the feeling of a novelty after 2-5-10 years of living together? Is there a way to improve the quality of an intimate relationship?

Everything is possible! Just take three simple steps:

  1. Look at your relationship from a different angle

As a rule, the fiery feelings that we experience at the beginning of a relationship sooner or later begin to fade. Why is this happening? The fact is that in the first months of a romance, we still do not know the partner well enough, we are fascinated by an independent person with secrets and mysteries, and we are trying to penetrate his special world.

Then the distance becomes less and less. Instead of the novelty, excitement, expectation, and shakiness that fueled our passion, stability comes. Relationship no longer develops, it begins to seem to us that we know absolutely everything about another person.

Let the experiments, game, and flirt come into your life. Your partner is still full of secrets and changes a little every day. Try to see an attractive stranger in him and maybe sometime later you will visit swingers party together.

Never dissolve in another person, so as not to lose yourself. Everyone has the right to their own hobbies, secrets, freedom and personal space. And this is the only way to stay interesting for each other.

  1. Understand the desires of your partner

Intimate life and love are completely different things, and you should not confuse them. In love, emotional closeness, support, tenderness are important to us, and in the bedroom, many people expect something completely different: aggression, domination (or submission), and satisfaction of selfish desires. By the way, there is nothing wrong with it, on the contrary: it’s good to be selfish, surrender to the process and not think about responsibility at this moment.

However, people do not always understand that their expectations may differ from the expectations of their partner. For example, for someone, intimacy is another manifestation of trembling love, while someone needs completely different emotions in bed. So that all this does not lead to discord in intimate life, it is necessary to understand the desires of each other. Even if you find swinglifestyle app in your partner’s smartphone, you should try to accept it.

To do this, you can perform a simple exercise. Each partner will need a piece of paper, divided into two columns. In the first, all associations with the word “love” should be recorded, and in the second, with the word “intimacy”. This helps to separate love from the bed, understand your own desires and compare them with the expectations of a lover.

  1. Learn to deal with stress

If you are overwhelmed by typical modern problems, then almost everything will be prioritized than romantic life: for your brain, any stress is a lion running at you. And what kind of intimacy is it if the lion is getting closer?

Stress is directly related to the struggle for survival. Theromantic relationship brings a lot of benefits, but it certainly does not directly contribute to personal survival.

Try to reduce stress and you will see how your life can change for the better. 


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