The Big Three-Oh: 10 Awesome Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas

surprise 30th birthday party ideas

Is your bestie’s 30th birthday coming up soon? You may be nervous thinking about what to do to celebrate it for them.

Not sure if they would enjoy a surprise party? Apparently, around 70 percent of people want to be surprised on their birthday. But, this doesn’t just mean wrapping up a gift or bringing them a delicious chocolate birthday cake.

You can throw your buddy a birthday that they’ll never forget. But, planning a surprise birthday party for your 30-year-old friend isn’t helium balloons easy. Nevertheless, there are so many amazing surprise 30th birthday party ideas to choose from.

Check out the below!

1. The End of Your Roaring Twenties Costume Party

Does your friend have a love affair with the Great Gatsby story? Has your buddy frequently talked about how much they love dressing up?

There is no better end to your twenties than a Roaring Twenties costume party. Ask everyone on the guest list to dress up in a 20s style fashion.

You can hire a venue for your friend’s party where everyone can gather in amazing outfits awaiting the birthday boy/girl. This will be a super surprise!

Then, you can dance to jazzy tunes until the early hours of the morning while drinking cocktails.

2. Visit an Escape Room for a Party

More and more people are realizing the amazing experience of escape rooms. Have you ever been to one?

If you want to plan a budget-friendly and inclusive surprise party, book an escape room for the night.

If your friend loves adventure and mystery, an escape room for birthday parties is the best choice to make them feel special. You can meet at the venue to surprise your friend on their special day.

3. Go to Your Friend’s Dream Concert

Has your friend always wanted to see a particular artist play in concert? You could grab tickets for a bunch of your friends.

You don’t even need to tell your buddy until the final moments before you enter the venue. Just make sure they have comfortable shoes for dancing.

4. Book a Table at a Fancy Resturant

Do you have a foodie friend whose birthday is around the corner? You can take the opportunity to book a table at a fancy restaurant.

Your friend should only eat the best food in town as they’re turning 30 years old. You can make sure their friends and family are already there waiting for them when they arrive.

Throw them off the scent by telling them you’ve arranged for them to go to one of the chain restaurants or fast food joints nearby.

5. Surprise Vacation to a Mystery Destination

You could simply take your friend is a mystery destination for their birthday. This is an amazing surprise that isn’t easy to execute.

Just make sure they know what to expect for the weather. That means whether to bring sandals or scarfs.

Everything else can remain a secret. Gather your friends together at the airport and make sure your friend wears a blindfold and headphones the whole time.

When they suddenly hear the announcement from the pilot that they’ve landed they’ll be ready to celebrate.

6. Indulge Your Friend With a Spa Weekend

Does your friend appreciate a spa? You could spend the entire weekend relaxing with your friends in the spa.

Your friend would never be able to guess that you’ve arranged this incredible surprise weekend. Make sure to arrange a facial and massage to celebrate them becoming thirty.

7. Arrange a Treasure Hunt Surprise Party

Organizing a treasure hunt surprise party really takes a lot of time and effort. You also need to think carefully about how to plan each step.

You can start the treasure hunt from the beginning of their day. When they wake up, the first clue could be found outside their bedroom door.

Make sure you have an amazing gift for them at the end. They’ll deserve it after you have sent them on a wild goose chase.

8. Barbeque in the Backyard

If you want an affordable birthday party surprise, you could simply arrange a barbeque in your backyard.

This is a great way to take advantage of the warm and sunny weather. Everyone loves sitting in the sun having a freshly cooked burger or sausage.

Just don’t forget to provide meat alternatives for the vegans and vegetarians at the party. You don’t want them to go hungry!

Also, think about setting up some garden games to play. This could be anything from playing croquet on the lawn or playing cards around a table.

9. Alcohol-Free Yoga and Kale Day

Your twenties may have been packed with crazy parties where you wake up the next day with a hangover. But, everyone’s turning thirty, it’s time to wind down.

You don’t have to binge of cocktails and dance the night away to celebrate becoming the big three zero.

Attend a private yoga or meditation class in the morning to get some peace and relaxation in your system. Head over to a raw vegan cafe or a health food restaurant for a natural brunch.

10. Throw Your Buddy a Barn Dance

The days when you would dance to techno and electro music may be over. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t put on your dancing shoes.

You could hire a barn and start playing country music. This is an amazing way to enter your twenties by dancing to oldie time musical tunes.

Make sure you have a great buffet and bar available for everyone as well. This can be a really unique and memorable night.

What are the Best Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas?

Have you been struggling to come up with unique and awesome surprise 30th birthday party ideas?

With our amazing ideas, you should be able to decide which is the right choice for you. From an exciting escape room to a barn dance, select the best surprise for your friend.

Do you want to discover more great birthday ideas? Check out our blog!


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