A Complete Checklist To The Expectations And Needs For A Student Accommodation

Needs For A Student Accommodation

Graduating from high school comes with the biggest pressure of all times: Qualifying for your dream university and getting through the admission process. But if your dream is not well within the vicinity of your house, you have an added responsibility! 

It is to find a good place to stay in for the time you will be studying at that university! Finding student accommodation is a tedious process and plenty of students end up unknowingly compromising on their needs of a perfect place to stay in. Here’s a checklist of what you would absolutely need for student accommodation to be perfect:


The place you choose to get your student accommodation is very important. It’s best that you choose a locality that is close to your university, or you could even choose to use the university accommodation itself. Travelling takes a lot of your precious time, and nearby accommodation would help you save it. 

Nearby accommodation also has an added benefit of not posing any difficulties if you have to return home late at night for a project or from a college event. Iglu is a great initiative to find the best properties on rent if you are looking for a catch in Sydney. 


Along with accommodation that is nearby to your university, you would also need a stable environment around yourself. Avoiding localities that are too noisy or busy is highly recommended. Studying requires a calm, quiet environment, and you must choose a place that lends itself to this purpose. 

Also make sure you have other students living around you, to keep your company in case you ever need a break from the monotony of studying. Having students around might also help you acquire some tips about relevant entrance examinations, a better pattern of studying, etc. 


A university student cannot lavishly spend on his/her accommodation, so a budget constraint comes into play. Consider a place that matches your living standards and also goes easy on the pocket. But there’s a catch- be careful before leaping into something extra ordinally cheap. Many places have added expenses, which are written in the contract but not added in the rent. Be careful to read all the documents and contracts carefully. 


Before calling a place home for the coming few years, it’s absolutely essential that there’s a thorough check on how comfortable and hygienic the place is. Choose accommodation keeping your preferences and lifestyle in mind. If you are a person who loves some quiet time to yourself or are uncomfortable sharing washrooms, get a single occupancy room for yourself. 

If you like socializing and have no big deal about sharing washrooms with other people, you might go for a double or triple occupancy room. Make sure you have total clarity on how often your place will be cleaned, and in case of sharing rooms, how many people would be sharing the washroom with you. Hygiene is a must-have for every accommodation. 


Doing a background check of the place you’re about to stay in is very essential. Ask your would-be neighbors about how stable the stay in the accommodation is. The instability could affect your mental peace and disturb your education routine.  Better avoid such places.


In case you fail to find a place in the vicinity of your university, what you absolutely need is a locality that comes with good connectivity. Check for the nearest bus stops or means of transport and evaluate for yourself the ease of commutation. 



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