Plan your Smart Configurations for Small Kitchens

kitchen configurations

We do so much to multi task and keep up with this fast moving world. Efficiency is everything in the time frame that we currently live. You can do any job better than anyone in this world, but if you are not efficient enough you will not be the first choice. We take so much effort to make sure everything that we do has something or the other to do with one another so that we are able to do complete more things at the same time.

One place that we completely forget is the time we spend cooking in our kitchen. Being a pro chef is a different take but as a home cook who cooks their own meal on a day to day basis we over see the fact that there can be lot of efficient things that can be done during that time. Looking to make you kitchen an effective environment to make sure everything is seamless? Then you have found the right spot.

Here are some smart configurations for small kitchens

If you feel they are too expensive and you might have to replace the entire appliance in order to make use of these smart gadgets they are wrong. There are gadgets available for less than 100$ which you can add along with your existing gadgets. Here is a list of appliances that you need to take a look at to make you kitchen a better place to work in.

Sous Vide

This is a new process in cooking where you vacuum seal the food in a plastic bag and cook them in a water bath at a constant temperature. You can use a sous Vida machine that is made precisely for this purpose or simply get an immersion circulator on to your cooking pots and get the job done. They are many options available for you to choose from with their own process but almost everything works just fine.

Countertop appliances

When we speak about counter top appliances you might have seen a few of them at random places. As a matter of fact they are more and more products introduced in to the market under this category as they are some of the most used instruments in a kitchen. Even Rotimatic Roti makers are one of the countertop appliances Rotimatic machin will not consume more space and retain health and nutrition.

Smart microwave

Microwaves are one of the most used in the kitchen. Be an amateur or a pro you will always have the use for a microwave oven. They are upgraded in to a smart microwave it just makes the job even more simply. They are all connected to the internet and you can interact with them through you mobile phones. They also monitor the food while it’s cooking and also alerts you if something goes south.

Steam ovens

These ovens use steam instead of waves to cook your food. They are healthy by the way they are prepared and are also connected to you smart phones at all time. They are configurable to multi step cooking and the food does not lose its flavors. These ovens are great for steaming, boiling and even baking and can be incorporated into any type of modern Cabinet Set.

Smart air fryers: From a simple French fry to a properly fried chicken all these can be done without the use of oil using these fryers. This instrument uses hot air to fry food instead of oil. By doing so the food is made good for eating and also the taste is not compensated.

Smart blenders: These blenders come with preinstalled recipes and guide you along the cooking process. They weight everything as you add them to the blender and notify you if you missed any measurements. They also help you correct the recipe if something goes wrong. You can also add your recipes and cook them as well on these blenders.

Smart refrigerators

Every kitchen needs a refrigerator irrespective of the size of the kitchen. Big brands like LG and Samsung are all working on smart refrigerators as they know where the future is heading. They have a cameras installed inside of the refrigerator so that you can always see what you what even when you are at the grocery store. They also sense the type of produce kept inside and make sure they are properly taken care of. For more info about rotimatic and its working functionality check our official Facebook page.

All these instruments are not luxurious but are available in any household kitchen. You can get the fully smart version or get the gadgets (if available) that help you convert the already existing gadgets in to a smart one. They do not take any extra space as these are all necessities in any kitchen. All these gadgets are there to help reduce the pressure of having to concentrate on too many things while cooking and also to help you cook if you are new to cooking. On the whole these smart appliances are for everyone you just have to find your needs and upgrade you kitchen for your needs.


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