How to overcome and stop gambling addiction problem?

stop gambling addiction problem

One of the riskiest kinds of Impulse-control disorders in this world is the Gambling Addiction Problem. This addiction not just is hazardous for the individual experiencing it but also has a very bad negative influence over the people associated with the addicted gambler. The psychological trauma, the tyrannical behavior and the suffering that comes in with this kind of involuntary acts due to the effect of over gambling addiction are difficult to overcome. This condition is called Pathological gambling such as Satta Matka where getting away from gambling seems next to impossible. The anxiety and the mental stress that are the by-products of excessive gambling give a tough time for the individuals to recover.

This addiction is also a progressive one that may re-appear even after you have successfully completed many clean days. The desire to wage more and more money is never-ending and comforting to the soul which then leads to some unpleasant behavior like stealing and lying. Losing the money saved for a better future, emptying the bank balance to satisfy their gambling pleasure will no longer be a guilty action once gambling becomes a compulsive routine. Detaching from the addiction becomes next to impossible.

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Understanding the adverse effects of the addiction and starting with a trust on one’s own self that the de-addiction process starts with a first step by the addicted individual him/herself is the big leap towards a better change altogether. Considering the family’s well-being than being prey for satanic selfish drives is the initial understanding which would prove beneficial for a fast recovering procedure.


Try to recognize the complication and impact of your addiction. The more compulsive you are, the more would be the effort to come out of it. Try to shift your energy and belief towards eradicating the kind of gambling addiction you are undergoing. This would make your de-addiction process easier by observing your improvement in a better and apparent way.


Controlling your gambling urge based on your winning rate must be curtailed. Gambling based on the reason that you would never lose would be the first step towards the addiction. The more you win, the more would be the push for gambling. Make boundaries for yourself by controlling the times you bet, irrespective of the fact that you win or lose it. Applying an encouraging brake to your heart through your brain will make things smoothly easier.


Hunt for all those obvious triggers that would make you spoil yourself in gambling. This would set off the feeling that compels you to gamble more and more and could be easily recognized if you are on the threshold of quitting your gambling addiction. The essentials that force your fingers to itch, to spend over those poker chips could be identified sensitively while you are under self-supervision. Catch hold of this crook who is trying to steal you from yourself.


A detoxification process can help you come across all those great remedies that would help you stay away from this “Addictionosauras” called Gambling. Digital detox wherein you unsubscribe from the mailing lists and all the possible associations with gambling sites, unfollow-ing the posts that carry hacks of winning and even unfriend-ing your friends who ring a bell in you of gambling. Internet and widgets have been the most significant contributor to the compulsive gambling disorder in many individuals. Experiencing this refreshing detox would, for sure stock up your happy cells all over again.


A new environment or a different activity can help you perk up the sobering process you are undergoing during your de-addiction phase. Traveling, reading a book, going out for lunch or dinner with family, heading out for a spa or a trek… innumerable opportunities for you to forget your unwanted old companion– Gambling. Gambling could have even have started as a pastime. To forget the same try spoiling yourself with a few other hobbies that can be as obsessive as gambling like dancing, fitness training, playing a sport or writing a blog.


Some of the professional de-addiction processes like CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy would for sure give winning results for those gambling addicts who are ready to embrace a new, clean phase of their lives. Coping with the stress, understanding the anxiety and the body mechanisms to fight the same in a proven, professional way are some of the better-known highlights of these detoxing, rejuvenating rehabs where the compulsive gamblers seek solace and recognize the other better things in this world that could give them satisfaction than gambling.

Considering the above-mentioned points can help the gamblers to come out clean with no more urge to wager huge amounts on gambling that do not promise any win or profit every time. The above-proven steps can be the best-practiced techniques that would unfold the red carpet of peaceful and contented living with your family for the rest of your life.

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