5 essential tips for selling items online

essential tips for selling items online

Whether you’re trying to top up your monthly income, or you simply have too much stuff and you’re trying to reduce the clutter! Selling items online has never been easier. With so many platforms to choose from, no matter what you’re trying to sell there is somewhere to sell it! But, how do you ensure that your item sells? 

Poor photographs and unclear listings are often the main issue when an item doesn’t sell. But what other steps should you take to improve your chances of selling? Read on for 5 essentials tips for selling items online.

Good photographs 

Good looking photos are more difficult to achieve than you might think. And photos that are poor, have bad lighting, or simply don’t show the product in its entirety will hinder your chances of selling. Good photography equipment like what you’ll find at crkphotoimaging.com.au are perfect for taking clear, good looking photos. You don’t necessarily have to have excellent photography skills, but always do the following:

  • Use a simple backdrop wherever possible. If you’re photographing more than one item then keep the same background for consistency.
  • Make sure the area is well lit and the item can be seen clearly.
  • Ensure that the item is the focus of the photograph – not your little one’s messy bedroom or your overflowing laundry basket!
  • Check out other good looking listings online and see how they have positioned their item and what they may have done to achieve it.

Is your item sale-worthy?

Those boots might have provided plenty of height on nights out, but if they’re all scuffed and dirty – why would anyone else really want them? Sometimes looking at the item from the point of view of a buyer may help you decide if the item is worth selling or not. 

Make sure the item is ready to be sold

If you decide that the item in question is in fact, sale-worthy, then you now need to make sure that the item is ready to be sold. If you’re selling clothes for example, ensure that they are clean, ironed and free of any stains. If you’re selling on furniture, then consider getting it cleaned professionally. If you want to list your item for the best price and get it – then consider putting in a little extra work into your listing.

Good copy is key

Good photos are great, but when selling on second hand items – good copy is key. You don’t have to write about how much joy the item has brought you in the past or how the item came to be in your possession. But write clearly about the price of the item, it’s condition, where the item can be collected from and, most importantly – be honest. If the item has scratches or scuffs, then state them clearly. If you’re not transparent then you’re not only wasting the buyers time, but your own as well!

Be professional

So, selling on second hand items isn’t your day job but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional. Always reply to any enquiries you receive and – despite frustrations – be polite. Remember, if you’re professional with your transactions then you’ll build a good reputation as a seller.



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